Simple Pleasure: Eating a Melt in the Mouth Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I stumbled upon a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I over cooked them, twice (because i have trouble trusting myself and the oven).  But …. WOW and YUM is all I can say.  What a pleasurable experience.

Food is a great source of pleasure.  Its designed to be.  It keeps us alive.  So why not make the most of it and enjoy every mouthful?

So many women have issues around food.  Its complicated and can make everyday moments very difficult. At Beyond Chocolate, headed by two inspiring and hardworking women, you can learn to enjoy food and develop a love affair with yourself.

Eating is something we do so often that increasing your enjoyment of it can only lead to more positivity in your life, every single day.  The more pleasure you experience the higher your vibration will be.  The Law of Attraction loves high vibrations.  Its what attracts your highest desires.


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