Simple Pleasure: Doing Something Well


I chopped these vegetables up very nicely.  Lol! I was very pleased with myself.  So often I rush about, not taking time to do things well.  Not this time.  I slowed down.  I chopped things small and evenly.  It was a mindful task and I enjoyed it.  It gave me pleasure to know that I had taken time to slow down.  To just enjoy and concentrate on what I was doing. And that I had done it to the best of my ability.  Such a simple thing.  A pan of chopped up vegetables.  I looked at it.  I experienced a very simple pleasure: I had done something well.

So often we speed through life.  Rushing to get to the next thing, whether its a something we want to do or something that we have to do.  But we miss all the bits in the middle.  Just slowing down and focusing on whatever we are doing can bring us more peace and relaxation.

Peace and relaxation allows us minimally to experience the world more positively and at best it creates a frame of mind that allows us to feel more inspired and excited.  Inspiration and excitement are like magnets to the law of attraction.


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