Gratitude: It’s Role in the Law of Attraction

Why is gratitude important in the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction works better for you when you create a positive vibe in your life.  Good things happen everyday but we are often so focused on the negative or just looking towards the future so that the present and all its goodness passes us by.

Gratitude allows us to pause:

  • What was good today?
  • What things brought me pleasure?
  • What was funny?
  • What did I achieve?
  • What simple pleasures did I notice?

Sometimes it is hard.  When unexpected things are thrown your way or when you are finding it hard to lift a negative mood.  BUT ….. there are always things to be grateful for.

What am I grateful for today?

A family member has been very unwell – I’m grateful that she is still in this world.  There is hope.

I’ve found the perfect coffee shop environment to write in.  Costa Coffee in Easteigh.  The staff are perfect and I love it here.

My children are coming for Mother’s Day tomorrow. I feel loved.

My Simple Pleasure is that the sun is shinning!

Taking time out to appreciate the good things and being grateful for them creates a more positive frame of mind.  It naturally increases the endorphines in your brain and creates a ‘feel good’ mood.  The Law of Attraction responds to this by sending MORE good things your way.

NB: My friend Alison has just arrived to meet me for a coffee.  And she looks BEAUTIFUL.  Another Simple Pleasure – appreciating beauty in all its forms!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude: It’s Role in the Law of Attraction

  1. I love this!! Having an attitude of gratitude is so important for living a positive life, and attracting more positivity!! Have a lovely mother’s day tomorrow with your children! Love Chrissy xx


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