Why Notice Simple Pleasures?

eating an elephantNoticing simple pleasures enhances our appreciation of the life we have.  Not the life we might want to have but just our current existence.

“But what’s so great about that?” I hear you ask, “when I want soooo much more from my life?’

Question: How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time.

It’s something lots of us have heard before but sometimes its worth remembering that little by little most things can and do change.  Noticing simple pleasures enables tiny (sometimes big, sometimes huge) shifts in our energy towards more positives states of mind. And positive states of mind are not only enjoyable in themselves but they create shifts in those around us.  And those positive states are the pure energy that activates the Law of Attraction.

I started noting down my simple pleasures on Facebook a few weeks ago and now lots of people have followed suit and are recording theirs.  Why? Because it makes them feel good, makes them appreciate what they have, what’s around them.  And that makes us all feel good. And that’s a start.

But it’s not just a start is it?  Feeling good about little things everyday is a pleasure in itself.  Enjoy the elephant.


3 thoughts on “Why Notice Simple Pleasures?

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