Simple Pleasure: An Act of Coffee Kindness

costa coffee cup

Yesterday’s simple pleasure was that a very kind lady bought a coffee for me.  The card machine at Costa was not working and Antonia, the lady in front of me in the queue, offered to buy my coffee.  I accepted.  I was very pleased and so was she.

How is this simple act of kindness important in the Law of Attraction?

  • When you are kind you are spreading positivity.  The receiver’s day is made better.
  • When you are kind you make yourself feel good.  Your day is made better.

Kind acts require two participants.  The giver and the receiver.  Both benefit and both raise their energetic vibrations. Its easy.  But is is always easy?

Recently on Facebook a friend posted to say that she wanted to participate in a Random Acts of Kindness group.  In her post she invited people to ‘sign in’ and said that the first five people to do so would get a gift from her during the year and that in turn they too must post on the pages their intention to do the same for others.

I thought this was great fun but was then surprised when only one person signed up.  Nobody else wanted to participate in what I thought was a fun activity of giving and receiving.

Giving and receiving is part of ALLOWING and in the Law of Attraction this is very important.

Was it too public, too formal, too embarrassing?

I have yet to give the young man a gift but I’m looking forward to doing it.  I wonder what I will receive too and when it will arrive.




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