Mother’s Day Pleasure: Allowing

Mother’s Day was great for me.  In an attempt to explore why I decided to look at why and how in relation to the Law of Attraction.  I have found that two main principles came into play for me.  Allowing and Gratitude.

  • Receiving Love
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Receiving Time

When we deliberately work with the Law of Attraction what we are wanting is to ‘receive’ and draw towards us whatever it is we want.  Sometimes we are not used to receiving, opening up and ‘allowing’ good things to come our way.

Festive occasions are a good time to practice allowing: enjoying your time and being grateful for the things that come your way.

I was grateful ….

  • to have all three children together at home for Mother’s Day.
  • for my thoughtful gifts and breakfast treats
  • for their words of gratitude and appreciation of me
  • jokes, laughter and teasing
  • remembering funny old times
  • to have love in my life
  • that they agreed to go out to the pub for our first ever grown up family drink out!

Thank you family!





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