Why Saying No! Means Saying Yes! to your Power.

Toleration Tuesday: Why Saying No Empowers You

No feels like a negative word.  But is it? Saying no to things can be empowering because when you say it what you mean is that you are saying yes to other, more positive and uplifting habits.

Sometimes women have a knack of taking on the needs of others when what they need is to look after and nurture themselves.

Saying no sometimes means the following things:

Yes! I am looking after my energy levels

Yes! I am teaching you to respect my boundaries

Yes! I am respecting my own boundaries

Yes! I am managing my time to achieve my goals

By moving away from things that are draining you you are raising your vibrations.  You are allowing yourself to become happier and magnetically powerful.  A woman who is happy and radiating positive energy is more valuable to those around her.  She radiates positivity and as we know the Law of Attraction works with her to manifest her dreams. It is a win win situation.

Its turned into a bit of a cliche of modern times:

If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after anybody else

But …….. It’s true.

Doing things for others is fabulous when it fills you with loving powerful joy.  But if you are neglecting yourself and depleting your energies in order to fulfill other people’s needs then the positive  is neutralised.

Self care is paramount.  What do you need to say no to today so that you can fill your life with yes?

I’m going to have a little think about this today in my own life and see where I need to say no.

Happy manifesting


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