Toleration Tuesday: Using Crystals to Clear Negative Beliefs

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Hello everyone. This is Leesa from The Crystal Grove and I am here to show you a great way that crystals can enhance your positivity and make you more energetically magnetic.

Lodestone is a naturally magnetic stone which you can use to draw energy to yourself and also draw energy out and away from you, which is what we are going to look at today.

For example if you felt you had some negative beliefs or energy patterns that you now feel you’re ready to let go of lodestone could help you to realise them. This leaves you feeling clearer and more positive which helps your energy to become more positively charged and able attract more of the good stuff in to your life.

One way to use your lodestone for this would be in a simple crystal layout with the inclusion of a natural clear quartz point.

To do the layout grab your lodestone (at least 2cm/1” in size) and clear quartz (at least 5cm/2” long), find a quiet comfy space to lie down and if you like put on some music that you find healing.

Once you are lying down place the clear quartz a little above your head with it pointing towards your feet and place the lodestone a few centimetres (an inch) below your feet.

With eyes closed take a few deep breaths breathing up through your feet up to the top of your head holding the breath for a moment at the top of your head and then breathing out through your feet.

Now imagine that the light of source energy is flowing towards you, flowing through the clear quartz, down through the top of your head filling it and slowly moving down through your body filling every cell down to your feet with light.

As your body fills with light see what you are wanting to release moving ahead of it down towards the lodestone.

Once it reaches your feet see the lodestone taking it out through the soles of your feet and down in to mother earth to be transmuted.

When the light reaches your feet see it going through the lodestone down in to mother earth too.

When you are ready take a few deep breaths, slowly coming back to yourself, feeling where you are lying down and when you are ready open your eyes and have a big stretch.

Happy attracting!

Leesa is a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer and has been working with crystals for 20 years. To find out more visit her website The Crystal Grove



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