The Law of Attraction: It All Starts With What you Love

In this world we are all told that we can’t be all ‘ME! ME! ME!’ so somewhere along the line we can learn to forget who we really are and what we really want and need.  When it comes to the Law of Attraction, this is a big, fat no, no.

In order to be happy and satisfied you need to find out exactly what makes your heart sing. And then do lots of it. It’s that simple.

You know sometimes when you reach a goal or get something that you really thought you wanted, and then suddenly it’s not THAT pleasurable? This can be because it was not something you REALLY did want in the first place.

But why would you chase something that you didn’t want?  There are so many influences and expectations around us from the moment we are born.  Expectations and pressure from parents, peers, authority, religion, even marketing.  It can be easy to get lost and confused along the way.

Start your What Makes Me Happy List

Start a list of things you love.  Anything goes as far as this list is concerned.  It can be actual items, things you love doing, things you like to look at, smell, touch, hear, people you love or admire.  Absolutely anything.  It does not have to be anything you have or do now.

Let your mind wander and imagine things that you may love but have never tried.  Relax into it and have fun. Keep adding to it and go back to it whenever something new pops into your mind.  Get in touch with your needs, pleasure and desires.

If you’re half-hearted about something – it does not go on the list
If you’re not sure if you really love it or not – it does not go on the list

In my experience this list WILL get your positive  juices flowing.  In itself it can motivate you towards positive change.  The more you do things that you love, the happier you are and the more good things that come your way. That’s just the way the Law of Attraction works.  Great work if you can get it.  And you can.



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