Turn That Frown Upside Down: A Technique that Makes this Happen

When I first heard that phrase I found it very irritating and patronising but the intention behind it is sound when it comes to the Law of Attraction.  It can be hard to be happy when crap things happen which they do from time to time.  But there is a technique that really, really helps to raise your vibrations from low to high.

Identify the Problem

Really think about exactly what the problem is.  Put it into words, either in your head or on paper.  Getting clear on what the issue is helps.  When you know what you are facing you can begin to deal with it and can move from distress or fear, to action.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Sometimes when people try to work on the Law of Attraction they get stuck when they encounter difficult issues.  They panic that the negative feelings are counterproductive to the working with the Law of Attraction.  This has truth in it but the best way to move away from negativity is not to stuff down your feelings and worry about them being counterproductive but to acknowledge them.  Fronting things head on IS the quickest way to deal with things from the Law of Attraction perspective.  Stuffing down feelings and delaying action is a drain on your whole life.

So you have identified the problem and now you can acknowledge your feelings.  What are your feelings? Negative feelings come in many subtle tones ranging from mild ones like: slight displeasure and mild concern to raging anger, deep depression and paralysing anxiety.

Whatever your feelings are, acknowledge them.  Give them a voice and a name to help set them free.

Here’s an example I’ve recently encountered:

‘My internet connection is down. I feel frustrated and a bit guilty that I can’t work online or communicate with my friends ‘

The Final Step: What is Good About this Situation?

Turn the Problem Upside Down.  This is the key step and when you are not used to it it can seem ‘very creative’ at first.

Here are some different perspectives on my internet connection problem:

  • There are lots of things I really want to do.  Having the internet down gives me ‘permission’ to do them.
  • I’m missing being able to communicate with friends online but I can call them instead and arrange some real, face-to-face interaction
  • I can go and work somewhere else.   Try out a new coffee shop.  Enjoy the pleasure of something new.
  • It’s a good time to review my internet provider.  I could save money and get better service from another company.
  • Are there things I regularly miss out on because I’m online so much?  What other fun things could I do?

So not only does thinking about what is good about a situation help you feel better but it also motivates you towards positive change.  Sometimes its only by knowing what is wrong that we can find out what it is that we need and want.

Do you have a problem at the moment that you would like to change your perspective on?  Comment below and I can help you find good things about your situation.



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