Being Clutter Free

peaceful white room

What is clutter?

It means different things to different people. To me clutter is ‘stuff’ that is just not useful, desirable or attractive. Stuff that hinders you in life and blocks your access to working with the Law of Attraction. We sometimes fill our life with it to our cost.

Clutter can be anywhere in your life. In your home, your car, your inbox, your to do list and most importantly, in your head!

What’s wrong with clutter?

Clutter clogs us. It impedes the flow of beautiful energy that is available to us. It stops creativity in its tracks. its like a sticky energy and sticky is not good when you want to work with the Law of Attraction.

I was a clutter bug. Too much stuff and all of it too disorganised. It didn’t make me happy, in fact it made me unhappy. Dealing with all that stuff was exhausting, mentally as well as physically. Reading Karen Kingston’s book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, totally changed my life and my environment. It was a lightbulb moment for me and I was on a mission. I went through everything in my life and cleared out the clutter.

How do you feel when you clear your clutter?

Wow! So many changes can occur when you clear your clutter. These are just some of them:


  • More space
  • More beauty
  • More energy


  • Feeling free
  • Feeling peaceful
  • Feeling motivated


  • More time
  • More organisation
  • Things are easier to find!

After I clutter cleared my home I was always recommending Karen Kingston’s book and it surprised me that it didn’t have the same impact on others that it did on me. People felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of their clutter problems. They felt truly stuck and unable to move. Clutter does that.

10 minutes at a time!
When I worked with people on their clutter issues I would help them to break tasks down into really tiny increments. Just 10 minutes at a time. Its a technique I still use all the time. Not on clutter now but on other things that I am procrastinating on.

Energy starts to flow
10 minutes is tolerable when you are stuck. And amazingly it works like a dream. When you know you only need to spend ten minutes on something you are dreading, well, its manageable, isn’t it? And once you start something magical happens – positive energy starts to flow. You become unstuck and flowy. It’s exhilarating and that is a clear and positive emotion for the Law of Attraction to start working in your favour.

After seeing big changes happen in only 10 minute increments I sat down and wrote a practical and inspiring workbook that helps people clear their clutter. It worked. People were happy, working through their homes with this guide. For people who didn’t want coaching but needed some support, it worked like a dream.  The workbook works by using the principles of  the Law of Attraction.  it helps you to get in tune with your perfect vision for your environment.  That which would make you happy.  Then in small, baby steps things start to shift.

Let me know if you would like me to send you a link to this workbook in the form below (just add the words ‘I want to be clutter free’ in the comment box. It costs only £10 and it will help you clear your clutter in a happy, inspired and easy way.


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