Meeting Your Basic Needs


Last week was not great for me. I felt ‘stuck’ but when I took a step back and realised why it amused me and made me understand the importance of honouring our basic needs.

I was rushing around in a very manic like way. Creating chaos for myself. Not listening to what my mind, body and soul were trying so say.

So what did I need to be happy last week? It turned out to be the most basic of things:

  • More sleep
  • More water
  • To slow down
  • To rest
  • Good food
  • Comunicating my need for help

The basics. I wasn’t getting them and was wondering what was wrong with the world at large. There was nothing wrong with the world at large. The world at large was the same as it always is: full of fun, joy, promise and potential. I however, was not! Lol!

From a Law of Atrraction perspective I was creating one massive boulder, blocking my flow of joy.

So when you are not as happy as you would like to be, what are the needs you are not meeting in your life?

Your basic needs
If you are feeling stuck and not in flow could it be that one of your basic needs is not being met? Here are some of the basic needs we humans have:

Are you bored or are you over stimulated?

Are you eating well in a way that satisfies you?
Are you drinking enough?
Are you looking after your body?
Do you feel physically safe?
Do you have enough money to meet your basic needs?

Do you feel loved and appreciated?
Do you feel emotionally safe?

What can you do today to honour your basic needs and get you out there manifesting like crazy and feeling like a million dollars again? Tiny, simple changes can make a massive difference. Look after yourself.


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