Things that you Love

The Goddess Experience

I found a great book in a charity shop the other day: The Goddess Experience, written by Gisele Scanlon.  Gisele set about finding and writing about things that she loved and that made her happy.  It’s also a very funny book because she has a witty writing style which I love.  I keep the book in my car and dip into it when I’m ‘hanging about’ for something or other. It makes me laugh, it’s inspiring and interesting.  It’s on my Things I Love list.

Gisele starts the book in Paris and she says,

‘I,  made a pact with myself to start concentrating on a Happy List to be, you know, be grateful, well, no, not grateful, what’s the word, to be more ……. happy.  That’s it! To concentrate on happy stuff and see where it would take me from this moment on.’

Gisele’s book is packed with everthing that makes her happy, including the exact places where these things can be found.  Amongst the hundreds of things she loves are:

  • The word ‘notable’
  • Milky tea
  • Tiny pens and pencils from the shop Styl Honore in Paris
  • Stephen Fry (who doesn’t?)
  • Black Bougie candles from the Hotel Bourg Tibourg

What makes you happy?
Focusing on what you love makes you feel GOOD.  It makes you HAPPY and in the moment.  In terms of the Law of Attraction these great vibrations enable you to attract more positive things into your life.

Happy List
Do you fancy creating a happy list?  What would go on it first?  Would love to hear about the things you love.


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