2 Great Reasons to Celebrate the Selfie

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There has been a lot written about the evils of the selfie but I actually think they are really positive and to be embraced.

1)  Being proud of who you are
Selfies say, ‘Hello, look at me!!’ and there is nothing wrong with that. Modern society is too self-effacing sometimes. We are so concerned with not showing off and appearing to think too much of ourselves that we end up not being ourselves at all. Or equally so concerned that we are not good enough that the same applies.

Selfies say ‘Let’s celebrate who we are. Right now, in this moment!’

Nobody is better than anybody else and nobody is worse than anybody else. I always used to say this to my children.  We all have different talents, abilities, sensitivities, vulnerabilities and gifts to share with eachother and the world and we all do that in different ways. But hiding them all under a bushel does not help any bugger.

Above all selfies are fun and often funny too!

2) Body Image
Women in particular are bombared with ‘socially acceptable’ images of our gender. The selfie says ‘This is me, take it or leave it.’

A couple of months ago thousands of pounds were raised for breast cancer when the no-make-up selfie went viral. Yippee!!! Fun, positive action by women which raised awareness not only of breast cancer but of the idea of society’s construction of the image of women.

This campaign was criticized for making light of breast cancer, charity fund-raising and women’s issues. The critical camp believed that this marketing campaign which went viral just pandered to people’s sense of vanity and mirrored the triteness of modern social network communications.

Balls, is what I say to that. Easy, light-hearted, fun but powerful actions are fantastic and raise postve energy, consciousness and happiness in a beautiful way.

  • Thousands were raised for charity
  • Societal consciousness was raised about women and how they perceive and present themselves to the world.
  • Women showed personal courage by trying something new. Change starts with the individual. I know women who never ever go without make up put themselves on the line for their selfie during that campaign. This was massive for them.
  • A marketing company created a wizz campaign, served the charity well and created a great name for themselves in their industry.
  • Everyone was a winner!

Do you take selfies?  I would love to see them!

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