The Happiness Interviews: Holly Worton – The Business Mindset Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs

Holy Worton


Holly Worton  is a business mindset mentor for women entrepreneurs at Ready to Bloom. We met when I did one of her online courses.  She is a lovely, calm, caring person and a kick ass business woman.

  1. What ‘little things’ in your life make you happy and why?
    Taking baths with a good book, long walks in the woods and in the countryside, fresh vegetables, sunshine, gardening. Nature really helps me to relax and de-stress. Fresh food helps me to feel great when I need to refuel, and baths are soooo relaxing and they make just about any situation happier.
  2. Which particular people in your life make you happy and why?
    My husband. He’s so super supportive of all the crazy ideas I have and all the things I want to do. And my friends, who continue to surprise me with their support and caring, even when I’m terrible about keeping in touch.
  3. What do you feel would give you more happiness in your life right now?
    More freedom and flexibility in my lifestyle. More holidays. Real offline weekends. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.
  4. What makes you happy in your current relationships and why?
    The level of support and caring and overall positivity of the people in my life. This is mostly because I’ve become selective over time.
  5. What makes you happy about being a woman and why?
    The amazing relationships that I have with other women: their support, caring, and just amazing inspirational stuff that they do. Do you see a theme here to all of my answers? I keep trying to think of other things, and the same words keep popping up. 🙂
  6. What would make you more happy in the future and why?
    To have more abundance, freedom, and flexibility in my life. I really value having freedom and flexibility in my lifestyle, and I want to create more of that in my business in the coming months.

Holly Worton is the business mindset mentor for women entrepreneurs. She works with women feeling stuck and frustrated because they don’t have a steady stream of clients. Holly helps them release their fear of visibility, set aligned prices for their products and services, and take inspired action to grow their business.
It’s usually not lack of business or marketing knowledge that holds us back in business. That’s all easy to learn. It’s our mindset that stops us from creating the business we want.

If you’ve ever struggled with self confidence, self esteem, or even setting prices that reflect your true value, Holly can help. There’s a fast and easy way to move past the fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs toward your vision of your ideal business.

Take the first step toward having a steady stream of your ideal clients by signing up for her free Unlock Your Client Blocks Kit at Ready to Bloom, or sign up for a free Burst of Bloom discovery session to get clear on which things are getting in the way of a steady stream of clients in your business. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, or Google+.


One thought on “The Happiness Interviews: Holly Worton – The Business Mindset Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Thanks for this thought-provoking Q&A, Ali! I loved it. It’s funny; I was on the train today from Weybridge back home and I realized I had forgotten one very important thing that makes me happy: trains! Love them so much. 🙂


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