Today’s Simple Pleasure: Memories of London


I love London. I’ve just arrived at Waterloo and its bringing back all sorts of memories of when I used to travel in as a teenager living in the outskirts.

Our minds are powerful creators of emotions and good memories are a great place to dwell. Reliving past times and feelings can raise our feel good vibrations with very little effort.

Here are some of my London memories:

– The excitement as dad drove us round the centre to see the lights at christmas
-The shock of the massive
pancakes at My Old Dutch at Holburn
-The fun of meeting a ‘date’ to go Christmas shopping in the snow
-Falling asleep on the tube, dreaming I was eating a burger and waking up to find fellow passengers laughing because i was performing all the appropriate burger-eating actions
-Working as a Saturday girl in a photographic shop in Bond Street whilst I was doing my A-levels and seeing just-developed and unseen official photos of the queen.
-The pride of shopping in the massive Top Shop on Oxford Street with my first wages at the age of 14.
– The excitement of standing behind one of Big Ben’s clock faces on a Sociology school trip after having climbed the old steps right to the top
-Hilarious sale shopping in Oxford Street with my girlfriends in August trying to buy something with our last 50p

It’s so good to go down memory lane

What old memories can give you simple pleasure today?


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