MIND: Charity of the Month – Please Sponsor My Daughter

Let’s face it, for most of us giving feels good.  Giving makes us happy.  It seems to be a primal instinct for most people. For the Law of Attraction its a juicy element of energy flow.  Giving and receiving is all part of the rhythm of life.  The Law of Reciprocity – but more about that later.

As part of working with the Law of Attraction, I’ve decided to feature a different charity every month, starting today.  This month’s charity is MIND, a UK based organisation which

‘……. provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.’

One in four of us suffering from mental illness
The statistics state that one in four people at any one time are suffering from some form of mental ill-health so most of us will be touched in some way by a mental health issue, either directly or indirectly.  And MIND has a special place in my heart.

Our family has been affected directly in the last few years with the horrible effects of serious mental health issues.  Mental health is the ‘poor relation’ in the NHS.  So little is still unknown about how the brain works and how and what can be done when there is a dysfunction.  And there is still a lot of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding mental health.

Sponsered cycle ride – PLEASE SPONSER MY DAUGHTER
This weekend my eldest daughter Suzanne and her boyfriend Joel are going to do a sponsored cycle ride for MIND.  They will be making their way from Bristol to my home in Chandler’s Ford Hampshire.  Good luck to them I say! It’s very, very exciting.  They have already beaten the amount they want to raise.  They set their target at £400 and they are now at £515. Even there are only a few days to go I hope they keep raising until the last-minute.

There has been little training going on, so I’m told, so I am a bit concerned as to what state they will arrive in.  To me its a monumental thing they are doing as my idea of physical activity is a few gentle yoga stretches.  I’m imagining they will need lots of grub and cold ice packs to sit on for their sore bottoms!

My youngest daughter Maria has raised money for MIND in the past. I was roped in to make lurid green cupcakes!

The Law of Reciprocity
The law of reciprocity refers to human behaviour where you respond to a kind action with another kind action.  Its simple.  Social Psychology studies show that when a person does something kind the other person feels an instinctive response to do something kind back.  This may not be something which is done immediately and the kind ‘return’ can be acted upon at a later date.  Its almost like the person you have been kind to stores that memory and is later predisposed to be kind back to you.  It makes sense.  It’s the basis of most relationships.

The Law of Attraction and Reciprocity
For me this law also comes into play in the general cosmic scheme of things.  Karma, its called in Budhism. You get back what you give.  In the Law of Attraction if you are responding to the world by giving then the world will respond by giving back to you.  Giving and receiving can both feel good.  Some people find it hard to receive and others to give.  Giving the love and receiving the love are both beneficial to us in many ways (heart, body and soul) and part of the ebb and flow of life’s energy.

Giving to Charity
To be honest in some ways I am against charities.  In part I believe that governments have the duty and responsibility to care for those who need support and help.  But …. this is not a perfect world we live in.  Additionally people like to take responsibility and ‘give’ of their money and time to causes that they really believe in and not just hand over taxes to be allocated as governments see fit.

Have a look at this article in the Guardian, outling the problems that NHS cuts in mental health funding are having on young people.

Please give to MIND
This month I have given something to MIND.  Is this a charity that you care about?  Can you spare some dosh to sponsor my daughter’s charity cycle ride?

Thank you to everyone who has given so far.


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