Sue and Joel Start their Charity Cycle Ride for Mental Health

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As I write this Sue (my daughter) and Joel are about to set off on their MIND  charity cycle ride from Bristol to Chandlers Ford.

A massive THANK YOU to all those who have donated to this event.

If you have not donated and have some spare chash and you care about mental health issues please donate any spare cash to this cause.

I have been trying not to worry (as they haven’t trained) and there is the very small matter of the storm we are predicted for Sunday.

Here is what Sue had to say yesterday:

I’m really excited. I’ve never done anything like this before and ive always wanted too. I can’t believe we’ve raised £200 (and counting!!) over our original target, its touching and inspiring!! So much so that I’m going to donate a wad of my own cash to an over seas charity. I’m just pleased that while I’m sweating on some country lane this weekend someone who’s sponsored me might be kinder and more thoughtful towards someone with mental health problems. And ultimately i hope that people feel more able to feel supported when they feel a little (or a lot) mental

But i haven’t trained and i haven’t cycled any where near as far as this before so I’m mentally preparing myself…its too late to physically prepare myself any how. Joel and i are pumped up for the adventure!

Check out another blog post about this Bristol to Chandlers Ford MIND cycle challenge and what giving means in relation to the law of attraction.


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