Happiness Questionnaire: Suzanne Perry

I have not posted a happiness questionnaire for quite some time.  This one is particularly special for me because the respondant is my eldest daughter Suzanne.  The aim of these questionnaires is to help people get in touch with what actually makes them happy at this current time.  The idea is to live happiness in every moment and in every way possible.  To infuse life with what we love.

1) What ‘little things’ in your life make you happy and why?

  • Music
  • Cooking and eating good nutritious food
  • Sunshine
  • My bed which means a good rest and a cosy nest

2) What people make you happy and why?

  • Joel Dunn- makes me laugh and feel secure. He is kind
  • Alison Perry- because she makes questionnaires like this
  • Nicki Bailey- because she is positive, kind and thoughtful

3) What do you feel would give you more happiness in life at the moment?

  • A more creative job
  • Certainty
  • Freedom

4) What makes you happy in your current relationship and why?

  • Sharing
  • ease of sharing tasks and responsibility
  • security to know someone

5) What makes you happy about being a woman and why?

  • Emotionally developed
  • Solidarity

6) What makes you happy about men and why?

  • Calm strength
  • Ability to lift things

7) Allow yourself to free flow and bring to mind any other things that make you happy.

Being useful, hugs, sun, beach, growing food, helping people, being in nature, adventure, developing my skills
Suzanne Perry is Research and Policy Assistant for i-HOP (Information Hub on Children of Offenders for Professionals) Barnardo’s.  She is also my eldest daughter of which I am very proud. ///:-)

She and her partner Joel recently cycled from Bristol to Southampton for the charity MIND.  You can hear all about it in this post.


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