What Makes Ali Perry Happy

I’ve been finding out what makes people happy for weeks and I only just realised this week that I hadn’t answered my own questionnnaire.  So here goes.

1. Out of ten how happy are you right now? 8

2. What ‘little things’ in your life make you happy and why?

the moon, flowers, colour, sex, massage, kissing, holding hands, cuddles of all kinds, coffee, the smell of lemons, the smell of jasmine on a warm summer night, sunglasses, Spring, meditation, the sea – looking at it, being in it and hearing it, reading, clutter clearing, being in coffee shops, creating things, conecting with people, looking at beautiful things, medical dramas, new stationery, my laptop, my mobile phone, my costa travel cup, the colour of the new paint on my bedroom wall, music, dancing, laughing, the freedom I have, finding bargains, thunderstorms, buying things that I really want and need, enjoying food and eating, yoga and my lovely yoga teacher Lesley, scrapbooking, the freedom I have – but of course this is actually a HUGE things, comedy films – rom coms in particular, learning, learning and learning !  Its endless it seems.

3. Which particular people in your life make you happy and why?

  • My children – we way they are making their way in the world. That they are kind but tough, creative, expansive.
  • Lots of my Allied Care customers. They are funny and full of life and personality. They have a lot to deal with but they are survivors – they enjoy laughing and they are tough.
  • Glenda Phillpot – the Purple Poet – she makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.
  • My sister – she’s always there for me and always has been.
  • My very old friend Diana Miller who has just come back into my life again – yay!
  • My ex-mother in law Stella Perry who saw me grow into a women and is still part of my life.

4. What do you feel would give you more happiness in your life right now?

  • Being with a man I love all the time. Giving it a go. Making a new life together. Doing new things but as part of a team. Being with someone instead of doing everything by myself.
  • Using my time more wisely. Having a more balanced energy to do this. Making the most of every second instead of squandering it with petty worries and anxieties.
  • Being more trusting

5. What makes you happy about being a woman and why?

  • That I have given birth. Wow. The whole idea of it still amazes me, our bodies and what they can do. Also I loved being pregnant and childbirth
  • My soft gentle body
  • Having breasts
  • Having periods – I actually like the cycles of life!
  • That I breast fed my children
  • We have more social choices – what to wear, how we wear it, if we cry in public, if we don’t, if we are tough, if we are gentle – we are not bound by so many social conventions like men
  • I love being a woman if you haven’t guessed! That I can be whoever I want. I can be soft, I can be tough, I can be vulnerable, without question or critique.

6. What makes you happy about men and why?

Of course I am going to generalise here but …..

  • Their physical strength
  • Their personal presence
  • Their pride
  • The way they will do almost anything for the woman they love
  • Their independence – most men just need one person – usually their woman
  • Its hard to put into words but their ‘essence’

7. What would make you more happy in the future and why?

  • More financial independence. This would give me more freedom and choices.
  • Seeing more of my family

8. Out of ten how happy are you after answering these questions?



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