Today’s Simple Pleasure: Peanut Butter Sandwich

peanut butter sandwiches

Peanut butter is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it.  Well I love it.  it makes a quick tasty and healthy sandwich which is ideal when I’m driving around working long hours with no chance to eat properly.  Soft squidgy buttered bread and the crunchy peanut butter. Yum!

That’s another Simple Pleasure – textured food.  Look – there are even poppy seeds in the bread.  I like surprises in my mouth.  My sister hates them.  We always laugh about this.  I love fruit and fibre cereal and all the different ‘bits’ you get in it.

Eating is something we do every day, we may as well get the maximum fun out of it.  I used to have an awful relationship with food.  I spent years dieting and hating my body.  I lost countless stones over the years but I was never happy with who I was and I never ate the things I liked. Not any more.

Now I eat anything I want but only when I’m hungry and I appreciate and enjoy my body.  If you want help with this idea check out Beyond Chocolate.

Fill your day with Simple Pleasures.  Or just notice the goodness in the things you already do.

What’s your Simple Pleasure today?


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