Creating a Happy Morning Routine

How can you start your day off happier?

How can you start your day off happier?

Let’s just say that mornings are NOT my favourite and anyone that knows me is fully aware of this.  But I signed up for Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day blogging challenge and day 1 asks us to think and write about what morning routines we follow (or in my case would like to follow) in order to kick-start the day in a positive way.    The challenge has  got me thinking and planning. How could I make my mornings happier and more importantly, how can you?

My mornings are not pretty or positive.  I seem to need a loooong time in bed before I can get up.  If I get up quickly I feel sick, dizzy and as if I want to keel over.  I’m overly tired still.

A good start would be to get a good, restorative 8 hours sleep.  So my routine needs to start the night before.

No checking phone, social media or emails just before bed (or in bed).  Too much stimulation. I’ve decided to start reading novels again.  I used to be a real bookworm and there’s soooo much pleasure to be had.  I have a stash of books lined up ready. Let the reading begin.

HAPPY SOLUTION 2 – Meditation
Because it does take me so long to rouse its reasonable that I should not try to immediately spring up and become the sprightly morning nymph that I am not. But instead to start the morning with a meditation before I get up.

I already do mediations.  I love them and have created some of my own.  Currently I use Leoni’s Dawson’s 20 minute guided meditations which I find excellent and only take 20 mins.  But I’ve never done one on first waking.  Sounds like a happy plan though. Meditation usually inspires me and fires me up.

HAPPY SOLUTION 3 – Gratitude and Setting Intentions
A few months ago I started a practice of morning gratitude and setting intentions for the day. I used the 5 Minute Journal (check it out – good stuff) I gave it up for a while partly because I was so groggy in the morning that, lets say, I was having trouble with the ‘gratitude mindset.’  The proper sleep and meditation should help to sort this out.

At the moment the idea of getting physical in the morning does not fill me with thoughts of happiness.  Let’s say that the opposite is true.  BUT …… I do love yoga and haven’t done any for a couple of months and my body is missing it. So is my mind and soul …. it’s very calming and relaxing.  I have a 20 minute routine on Youtube which will be perfect to start with.

HAPPY SOLUTION 5 – Breakfast??
I’m one of those that can’t eat breakfast when I first get up.  I’m just not hungry and the thought of it just makes me want to vomit.  Since I gave up dieting years ago my one big moto is ‘don’t eat when you are not hungry’.  So that is really the end of that topic for now.  However, maybe this will change with the new routine.  That’s my desired intention: to enjoy a healthy breakfast. And as we know intentions turn into realities.

I love my coffee (its one of my favourite Simple Pleasures)  so after my shower that will be the final part of my mourning routine. A sumptuous cup of coffee whilst I plan the rest of my day.

So, let see …. test, test, test.  I’m looking forward to it.  And now to prepare so that things are as easy and smooth as possible in the morning

And now over to you.  Feel free to share your morning routine with me. Good, bad or ugly!





6 thoughts on “Creating a Happy Morning Routine

  1. Just re-read this! I’ve had loads of problems sleeping and getting ready for the day the last few weeks so reading this has really helped me 🙂 going to start ASAP 🙂 Thanku!

    Hope ur both good! Xxx

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  2. Hello lovely lady. Only read this the other day. Its horrible when you get in that rut – breaking the cycle will free you up. Just make it lovely things that you do in the morning! How has it been going so far?


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