What Could Make You Happier?

Photo by supakitmod: http://bit.ly/1K4Xmkg

Photo by supakitmod: http://bit.ly/1K4Xmkg

What one thing can you do in the next 15 days that will increase your happiness quotient?

What prompted me to think about this is Natatlie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge which talks about MIA’s.  This stands for Most Important Actions.  She asks her bloggers to pick one single thing that you could work on for the next 15 days that would make the biggest positive impact in your life.

I immediately thought of my TAX RETURN (not pulling a happy face).  I’ve been putting it off since the 5th April….. probably like many others but the benefits of completing it and sending it off are huge:
  • relief – liberating healthy positive energy
  • cash – I’m expecting a tax rebate
Putting things off – an emotional drain
Delaying and putting things off creates a shitty, negative energy that repels flow. Procrastination halts positive attraction.  Completing tasks that you are putting off enables your mind to be free of worry.  Additionally putting things off, if enough time elapses, has practical consequences.  I don’t know if the latest relaxation of rules around the late submission of UK tax self assessment forms includes, ‘I really couldn’t be arsed.’  I think my excuses would still qualify for a £100 fine!
Juicing up the Happiness
Although completing my tax return will bring me relief, that is not the same as happiness. Its one of those ‘has to be done’ tasks and I like to get creative, juicy and excited.  That’s what inspires me.  So I decided to pick a second action that will directly bring me joy.  Taking this approach gives me balance.  I will be dealing with the thing I don’t like but I will also be giving myself that juicy high of happy adrenaline.
Two Aspects in The Law of Attraction
For me, for the Law of Attraction to work, I need two things
  1. Clear out the crap (the tax return, for example)
  2. Draw the goodness in (read on)
Dream Boards
Stuart Miles: http://bit.ly/1K5aQMX

Stuart Miles: http://bit.ly/1K5aQMX

I’ve been thinking for ages of creating a space where people can create dream boards.  These are amazing tools which spark the imagination and allow what’s inside you to become clearer and also have a physical form.  And that ladies and gentlemen is my second Most Important Action in the happiness equation for the next 15 days.  To work on making this happen. Watch this space for the next instalment.
And now to you.  What two things will you pick?
What is the one thing that you are putting off that would really give you a release of negative energy if you tackled it?
What is the one thing that you could do that would increase your juicy happiness quotient in the next 15 days?
And remember its simple, step by step actions that make the difference.  Take things at your own pace.  Just a little something on both tasks everyday to keep you on point and to keep that energy flowing.

4 thoughts on “What Could Make You Happier?

  1. 1: Wrap and deliver the still outstanding presents (Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries) before the car goes back!

    2: Keep and eye on the post, and once the dreaded form is here, make an appointment for help filling it in (its a nasty one) collect all the info they need and return it within 2 weeks of getting it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it!!

    I have started doing “to do lists” to deal with all those niggly things I have been putting off.

    Definately feeling less “negative, shitty energy” haha xxx


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