3 Tools to Help You Manifest


Day 3 of Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge asks us to choose one tool that will make us more productive.  When you are trying to harness the positive effects of the Law of Attraction, tools can really help you stay on track.

Here are three tools I use when I’m working with the Law of Attraction

evernote logo

1)  Evernote
Evernote is like the brain that I aspire to have.  Everything is in there but its easily accessible.  You can put anything in there; audio, photos, screen-shots, documents, to do lists.  Its fabulous.  You can use it in anyway you wish and suits creatives as well as the highly structured.

I have huge notebook of all the things that I’ve manifested and all the things I’m going to manifest.  it includes pictures of things, handwritten notes, screen shots.  Its amazing looking back over the years and seeing things on the wish-list and then realising that they have all happened.  Sometimes through conscious action but often not.

Evernote was recommended by a very good friend,  Maddy.   Natalie Sisson recommends this too. When I admire people I always listen to what they use and investigate for myself.

2) Simple: Pen and Paper
I like to journal things out.  There is something about writing that allows you to explore your inner self and get in touch with what it is you really want.  This is vital.  Often we don’t know what we really want and we go after things wth gusto.  When they don’t arrive we wonder why. I write and all sorts of things pop up that excite and inspire me.  What could be more simple than pen and paper?

3) My Own Tool
I’m in the process of creating my own powerful Law of Attraction Tool.  I’ve been using the basic tool for sometime now and tweaking as I go along.  I’m looking forward to giving it out as a freebie to all my newsletter sign ups when its ready.  Please sign up below if you would like to receive a copy of the tool when its ready.


Online, I admire and trust Natalie Sisson and in todays blog challenge video one of the tools she is recommending is Asana.  This is an online project management tool which I heard about a few months, signed up and then never used.  I had a good look at it last night.

Love to learn
One of my passions is learning so I’m looking forward to watching all the videos and getting the most out of the application.  Its available on all platforms so will be handy when I’m on the go.   This ties in very nicely with yesterday’s blog post where we were challenged to work on one important task over the next 15 days. Remember that passion is a great attractor.  When you are juiced up you are like a magnet for the Law of Attraction.

I have quite a scattered brain sometimes so using a very structured tools like Asana will provide me with focus.  The Law of Attraction loves focus.  If you know exactly what you want your energy will be sharp, this is attractive and easy to mirror.

What tools do you use that really help you day to day life?



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