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Just got into the habit of drinking fresh fruit smoothies every day. Yum! Photo courtesy of: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net


On day 5 of Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge she asks us to let go of a bad habit and replace it with a good one.  I want to help you to do that too.  If you want to skip the blog and get straight to you free gift, go right to the bottom of the post.  If you want a little inspiration on the way, read on.

What is a habit?
A habit is a habitual pattern of behaviour that we do without much conscious thought.  Habits are generally fantastic. They allow us to do everyday things without thinking. What a relief.  Imagine having to think and chivvy ourselves along to do all the things we already do very naturally as part of our normal lives.

We only have so much willpower available!
Science has discovered that we only have a certain amount of willpower available to us at any given time.  That’s what makes good habits so invaluable.  We don’t have to rely on ‘trying’ and ‘remembering’ to do things – we just get on with it.  So habits really are the way forward.

And what is a BAD habit?
To me a bad habit is something that impedes us from living the kind of life that we want.  Something that interferes with our sense of who we really are and what we stand for.

Its all relative of course.  Most things are.  What’s a perfect habit for one person wouldn’t necessarily mean anything at all to another.

Habits that help
To me good habits come in all shapes and sizes.  Adopting new, good habits really enriches your life.

Wonderful me habits – these are about getting into the habit of doing things that you really enjoy.  Just getting to be a happier version of the current you. Its easy to get lost in everyday life and forget the little things really bring joy into our lives.

What things have you stopped doing that would really enhance your life if you made them into a new habit?

Recent habits I’ve taken up again: reading everyday, drawing a Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card to help develop my intuition, having a fruit smoothie in the morning.

Habits I intend to start again: yoga, listening to music.

Long Haul habits – this kind of habit is different.  These habits don’t always feel particularly good in the moment but they are important to help you achieve your longer term goals.  And its those juicy long term goals, where you often find the biggest hit of satisfaction and reward in life.

But the good thing about habits is that they don’t have to ‘feel’ bad – they just are.  Thats what habits are – things that you just get on with, without having to make yourself.

Examples of these habits: you have a book to write to you get into the habit of writing for an hour a day come what may.

At work you have been promoted to management level, you are used to working independently and don’t really know your staff very well so you actively develop the habit of spending time each month with each member of staff.

What are the habits that would support you achieving the bigger goals in your life?

The juicy habit that I want to develop is to: Just do it! To stop procrastinating! To move effortlessly through the things I have and need to do. It sounds blissful.  I’ll keep you updated on this as I’m starting a project on it shortly.  Its my main long-standing fault and its stands in my way greatly.

The Stuff of Life habits – I love these.  These make life smoother and easier and lets you get on with the more fun things in life.  I’m naturally messy and scatty so these are a lifeline for me and its always a work in progress.

Some examples: I always fill the car up on a Friday now. I’ve had many experiences of stressful driving wondering if I’m about to run out of petrol and twice actually waiting on the motorway for the AA to come a tow me to a garage to fill up).

I clear the kitchen straight after dinner (waking up to a pile of dirty dishes every day was vile for me).  No matter how tired and how much I feel I can’t be bothered, I just get on with it.  It’s become a habit.  If I don’t do it, it feels weird.

Relationship Habits – Only recently have I realised the importance of these habits.  According to research, rewarding relationships are the most important factor in making us happier so setting up habits that enrich and deepen our relationships makes sense.  I honestly wish I’d thought about this more years ago.

Happy Relationship Habits: date nights with your partner, regular calls with family and friends, sitting together for breakfast in a busy family household, spending regular time with each child on their own, making time for sexual intimacy, doing hobbies together, visiting elderly relatives.

I know a mother and daughter who, on the run up to Christmas, spend time on Skype wrapping presents together – one lives in Australia and one lives in the UK.

When the children were younger I started Family Night.  They were quite different ages, with very different interests and we were all spending less and less time together.  So on a Thursday, we turned off all personal devices and spent an evening doing things together at home.  Watching a film, playing games, talking.  Nothing fancy, nothing that involved spending any money or going to great lengths.

My partner and I have developed the habit of spending time together before either one of us leaves the house for work.  I used to hate early mornings but I love them now.  We sit in the garden, chat, have coffee, smoke, make plans and generally just spend time together.  Sometimes I don’t want to get up, I just want to stay in bed but its feels strange now when I do that.  And when he was getting up with me at 6am I used to think he was mad, but secretly was happy and grateful that he cared enough for me and out relationship to do that.  Its a daily habit that I want to keep.  It makes me happy that we spend that time together in this way.

To finish off I have a special free gift for you.

The Happiness Habits Formula: Let me help you create a fun and life changing new habit and get away from the biggest habit that is holding you back.

Please drop me  a line if you would like this delivered to your inbox:



6 thoughts on “Habits: Creating Good Ones – Claim Your Gift

  1. Great I love this!

    Please can you help me create a new habit?

    I have started reading everyday and also making my bed each morning! Both have made a real difference 🙂 xx


  2. Will do!
    It’s surprising what a massive difference making the bed makes. Going into the bedroom and seeing the covers all smoothed out – its really welcoming. And reading – so relaxing and inspiring at the same time. What are you reading Heather?

    Trying to convince my other half about the joys of reading!


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  5. Appreciate your invitation to get more mindful and discerning about our habits, patterns…and ways of being in the world and ways of being ourself, Ali.

    Personally, I don’t resonate so much with the focus on “happiness”. But what does work for me is bringing gentle, curious attention and investigation to my habits and patterns…seeing what ripples they create or feed in my life and experience…and seeing what I might shift in order to feed fuller, more complete expression of my authentic self–in all its happiness, sadness, and places in between.


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