Simple Pleasure of the Week

Sheep in the field

Today’s Simple Pleasure of the Week is the beautiful photograph above. My partner took it on his way to work and it just makes me happy looking at it.  Its something about the light I think.

Nature makes us happy
Studies show that being in nature and even just looking at photographs of it can improve our well being.  Check out this interesting technique for a relaxing and invigorating break: The Green Break

How could you enjoy nature more? 
I love walking around the local area and taking photographs of people’s flowers (sure that’s not illegal though perhaps a little odd!) and we started growing our own fruit and veg this year!

My daughter admired a lady’s garden the other day and she came home with a handful of cuttings that the woman had kindly given to her.

Looking at beautiful things
Studies also show that having beautiful things to look at improves our state of mind.  For visual people this is even more important.  What do you enjoy looking at?  How can you get more visual pleasure in your life?

Noticing what’s around us
The more we notice the great things we already have around us the happier we can be today, right now, no matter what our circumstances.

What’s your Simple Pleasure today?



2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasure of the Week

    • I know! Beautiful. We had a moment of synchronicity the other day. Maria and I were just saying how much we love them and that we had not seen a ladybird in the garden all summer. I looked up, and behind her, there on the sugar snap peas plant (that’s a lot of p’s), there was a ladybird!


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