This Week’s Simple Pleasure


This weeks Simple Pleasure has to be the churros that we cooked.  A sensation of the taste buds this week. Enjoying and focusing on the everyday things we do, have and see is a fantastic way to increase your happiness today.

How can something so yummy only have three basic ingredients in it: flour, water and salt?  Churros is a Spanish breakfast food.  I suppose its like fried batter.  We had them dipped in sugar but another traditional way of having them is dunked in thick hot chocolate.

Satisfying Your Needs
This simple pleasure was even better for me because it satisfied quite a few of my likes and needs:

  • Sharing – we all contributed to the making of the churros.  Doing things as a family means a lot to me.  More so now that the children have nearly all left home.
  • Preparing and making the churros was something new that none of us had made at home.  That counts as another huge, gigantic pleasure for me – learning!
  • Creating – I love making things.  Creating something cool out of almost nothing really does it for me.

Asking yourself why
When you find a simple pleasure – ask yourself:

Why do I like that so much?

It really helps you to get to know yourself, your likes and dislikes, your needs and from there you can learn to choose to have more pleasure in your life.

I always wondered why churros had not taken off more in this country! Have you ever had churros?

What everyday thing will you do today that brings you enjoyment? What will be your Simple Pleasure?


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