Create Your Dreams with a Vision Board

Getting juicy and excited about your dreams is the best way to motivate yourself into action.  It’s also the key to unlocking the forces that move the Law of Attraction to help you.  And creating a Vision Board is one sexy way to really get into the zone and find greater happiness.  I’m creating a Vision Board Workshop in January so if you are interested in that you can go straight to the bottom of the post.

What is a Vision Board?
A vision board is a visual representation of what it is that you want.  Literally you can choose any area of your life or you can just have one big fat vision board to represent your life as a whole.

What is it for?
A vision board becomes a visual representation of your dreams, desires and goals.  The idea is that you put it in a place where you can see it as often as you need to.  It is designed to inspire you and to remind you of who you are and where you want to go.  Because it’s created with love and passion and real intent whenever you look at it you draw on that energy to propel you forward.  It’s a symbol – your personal symbol.  Symbols have been used throughout time to represent desire and intent.

Ideas for Vision Boards
Vision boards can be very general or very specific.  What ever your needs are at the time.

  • life goals
  • business goals
  • feeling inspired goals – freedom, happiness, relaxation
  • travel goals
  • health goals
  • financial goals
  • family goals
  • relationship goals
  • wonderful you goals

Why are Vision Boards so powerful?
Apart from becoming your personal inspiration they are also a symbol of intent.  The love and passion and juicy feelings used in creating them is a powerful signal to the Universe: “This is what I want. Please help me to get the ball rolling.”  Its a direct order for the Law of Attraction to start doing its thing.

How do you create a vision board?
Vision boards can be made either electronically or with real materials.  I’ve done both but really get immense pleasure from working with real hands on materials.

Making a Vision Board – what do you need?

  1. A board/card/piece of paper – this can be as small or large as you want.  The idea is that when you have completed it you can have it somewhere where you can see it so that it inspires you regularly.  I like to use A4 or A3 size boards depending on what they are for.  Some people make tiny ones that they can carry around in their bags or purses.
  2. Lots of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, computer printouts, even photographs – any materials that have words and pictures to provide you with inspiration.
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Pens, colours – pencils, pens.  You might want to write or draw on your boards
  6. Optional Extras – some people like to jazz it up.  Glitter, paints, bits of fabric, feathers – whatever floats your boat and has meaning for you.

That’s it!

And if it sounds a bit Blue Peter or kindergarteny, that’s because it is.  You will literally be cutting, sticking and pasting.  To me that’s heaven (I’ve been scrapbooking for years and its a hobby I adore) but if the idea does not fill you with joy I implore you to give it a go – just once.  And if you need a stronger motivation to make a start there are groups and courses where people do their vision boards together.

I am running a Vision Board Workshop in January – if you are interested just drop me a line using the form below.

Building Your Vision Board

  1. You go through the magazines and other materials that you have and cut out things that inspire you or call out to you.  Make a pile.
  2. Be open-minded – sometimes you are surprised by what you pick.  Just go with it. You can reject or reselect later.
  3. When you feel satisfied that you have enough materials you can begin.
  4. Start selecting images, words, quotations, colours – anything – that inspires you and begin to build your picture. It’s about exploring yourself and your desires and needs. And …… it can be a very moving and surprising experience.  There is something about visual things that reach a part of us that we sometimes cannot pull out just with words or even thoughts and feelings.

And there you have it.  That’s all there is too it.  Simple but very powerful.

Once completed what you have is a blueprint for your dreams.  An inspirational starting point from which to launch your visions and passions.

Electronic Vision Boards
For those of you who prefer not to physically cut and paste you can use Pinterest.  This is a fascinating site where you can create a virtual pin board and put all your inspiring  photos and images in there.

Please share your vision boards with me if you feel called to do so. I would love to see them and share them here if that would work for you.

Would you like to come to my Vision Board Workshop?
Because I love vision boards so much I’m going to put together a workshop in the new year: a great time for new beginnings. If you would be interested in attending please let me know in the form below.

Vision Board Workshop Details
When? Monday 8th January 2016
What time? 10:30am – 1:00pm
Where? Exactly where is still to be arranged but it will be in the Southampton area, uk
How much? £30
What is provided? Refreshments, boards, plenty of magazines and newspapers

This post was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge.  On day 6 she asks people to look at what business model they want for their business.  Clarity.  It’s so important.  If you don’t know what you want its hard to focus, hard to make plans.  For me vision boards a are great way to get started, to get into that dreaming zone and unearth your passions.  Then and only then can you set your path and make clear goals and plans.


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