Plan for Happiness

Plan the year

Having things to look forward to increases your happiness quotient.  Fact.  In Day 8 of Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge she suggests that we plan out the rest of business year starting with our own personal goals.  This post has been inspired by her challenge.

Our thoughts power our emotions and having things to look forward to can provide an anticipatory boost of happiness hormones.  We think about the upcoming plans and we feel good.  I like this.

When you think about the next few weeks and months, are there things in your calendar that you are looking forward to?   Going with the flow is fabulous if you feel satisfied and energised by your life.  But what if you don’t and you just drift along?

For most people planning fabulous things into their future provides a real boost of happiness and even a sense of control. Yes, life does just happen whether you plan or not. But do you want it to happen in a way that suits you best?

Strong positive emotions, which include being excited about upcoming things, increases your manifesting powers. You feel good, you are focused on good things and more good things start to head your way.

What things could you plan in that would enable you to do more of what you love?

Here are some ideas:

Time out

  • a holiday
  • time off work – just to do things for you

Friends and family
Studies show that good relationships increase our happiness quotient more than anything else.  It can be easy to let things slip in this department. Laughing and sharing good times is a huge boost to happiness.

  • book to see your favourite peeps and catch up over coffee or drinks
  • arrange to have people over for dinner
  • organise a party
  • create an event that you can all go to – walking, dancing, bowling

Love Relationships
Keeping strong bonds of love and caring in a long term relationships brings oodles of rewards. Creating special memories and doing things together increases the strength of these bonds. Making time for this can require some planning.

  • Organise date nights.  Its a bit cliché but it works for lots of people. Especially if you have children.  Opportunities for spontaneity can be sparse.  These times have to be planned ahead.
  • Doing things together.  Plan to do things together. You can share a life and home with someone but end up spending very little time actually doing things together as a unit.

Special Events
Special events get a special mention today because there are so many things in the calendar that could really be celebrated more.  My parents are Spanish and it shocks me how many celebrations there are in Spain and how few there are in the UK.

I’ve recently read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Its well worth a read. It charts her own personal journey to greater happiness during the course of one year. In the book she talks about creating memories for herself and her family.  She focuses on creating regular events and making them really fun and memorable. For example she sets up great tricks for her children on April Fool’s day.  This included freezing a bowl of cereal and presenting it to her children for breakfast. That really made me laugh.

Here are some events that you could plan to enjoy and make more of and enjoy planning and looking forward to things with your own clan:

Valentine’s Day
Create your own ‘day’
End of term
Beginning of term
Start of a new job

Happy happiness planning to you! Share if you have any up and coming plans that you know will increase your happiness quotient.

Love and a hug

Ali x



One thought on “Plan for Happiness

  1. Found this so helpful Ali.

    Started off what could have been a shutter morning and for that am incredibly happy thanks!

    Go onto a website called inner space and sign up to their newsletter, they send an email each day called thought for the day and send great wisdom which good inspire Ur blogs. It’s free and very empowering.

    Love u! Xxxq


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