Happiness Quotation of the Week

Dance like there is nobody watching!


Dancing is pure bliss and happiness for me.  Getting lost in the rhythm of the music.  It feels like a sexy meditation of some sort.  Loosening the mind, body and soul all at the same time.  Is there anything that makes you feel like this?

Some people talk about getting the same type of experience from running or walking or playing a sport or even an instrument.  Yoga is a good one that I also enjoy. How about sex?   Its when all parts of you feel connected and in harmony, working as one.

Apart from the feel good ‘now’ feelings, of course, the long term health benefits of using your body are marvellous.  Any habits which increase your well-being in this way can only increase health and happiness. Habit creation can sometimes take a little bit of effort but when its something you adore doing anyway then you are halfway there.  Check out my free Happiness Creation Formula for creating easy, intutive happiness habits that support you.

Is there anything that makes you feel happy in the mind, body and soul all at the same time? Could you do more of it?  Could you create an effortless habit out of it to increase your fun and happiness levels?


2 thoughts on “Happiness Quotation of the Week

  1. As you know Ali I have recently split from my boyfriend and this is so accurate! I have been out with friends and dancing lots, it really is great for the mind, body and soul! Also I am listening to music as much as possible, yesterday I was even dancing a little whilst on a packed tube! Haha. Works wonders! Xx


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