Gratitude: Creating a BIG FAT THANK YOU

Gratitude is one of the ways we can appreciate the lives we have right now.  It helps us to up our happiness levels and this in turn sets the Law of Attraction Wheels in motion.

I was jotting down daily things that I was grateful for but I lost the fun and joy of it.  The whole exercise became boring, repetitive and really not very joyful.  It was too much, too often.  So rather than little and often (and not very well) I thought about how I could really EXPRESS my gratitude more fully. So as to create an ACTION of gratitude.  Not just a thought or emotion but an actual ACTION.

Thoughts and feelings are powerful and the Law of Attraction energy is certainly unleashed when these two are strong but ACTION is much MORE powerful.  It’s an outside expression of what’s inside us. It’s there, its tangible.  It has stronger energy waves – it’s the manifestation of energy, creative energy.  And as we act in accordance with our highest desires we are reinforcing our thoughts and feelings.

So to create an expression of gratitude that not only serves to make me feel good but others too, I hit upon the idea of ……


A Big Fat Thank You is taking gratitude to the next level.  It’s taking grateful thoughts and feelings and converting them into action.

Creating a Big FAT Thank You

Big fat Thank You’s can take many forms.  There are two important points here

  1. You must be truly grateful.  True gratitude can motivate you to move mountains in order to say thanks.
  2. Your thank you has to be something that feels special when you create it.  Something that you create and develop from a place of love and FUN.

There are natural and obvious opportunities to give and create a Big Deal Thank You

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • religious holidays

But in reality any time is good.

Creating a Big Fat Thank You

  • Write a massive list of all the things, people and events that you feel grateful for
  • Ask yourself – What am I so grateful for that I am moved to create a Big Fat Thank You for?
  • Think of ways that you could SHOW your gratitude.  Take your time and reject ideas that feel too hard for you in any way.  Whether its time, money, energy, logistics.  Reject anything that does not feel light, fun and free. Make it easy.
  • When you feel motivated everything is easy.
  • Take action.  Don’t sit on it!
  • Make this an active practise.  Don’t sit on those feelings of gratitude.  Often we get inspired ideas when we are grateful but we don’t act on them.  This happens to me all the time.  I have great ideas of giving back and then …. I just don’t.

Some Big Fat Thank You ideas

  • write a poem
  • send a card
  • write a letter
  • bake a cake
  • offer your time
  • help
  • prepare a special meal
  • make a gift
  • buy a gift
  • record and send a gratitude message
  • create and air a Youtube video
  • create an altar of gratitude
  • make a gratitude mood board
  • donate time or money
  • pass on a book
  • write a blog post
  • write an email

Enjoy! I’m off to write a postcard, scribble on some stones and maybe to create a Youtube thank you.  I’ll keep you posted.

Is there anyone or anything that you feel a great amount of gratitude towards right now?  What Big Fat Thank You could you create for them?





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