Thank you for your Patience! Extreme Gratitude

Thanks stone

I’ve recently discovered that I have ADHD.  It came as an immense shock to me but also a great relief.  A shock because I always associated ADHD with really physical people who can’t keep still (and I’m not at all like that) and a relief because all of a sudden everything JUST MADE SENSE.

As I read more and more around the subject I learnt that lots of people with ADHD have a really hard time from other people throughout their lives.  People can be impatient, write them off, criticize, nag and reject.  None of that happened to me throughout my life.  And I am so GRATEFUL and I feel so lucky about that.

The only criticism and torment I’ve had is from myself.  This has been torture enough.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have people talk to me the way I have talked to myself about all the downsides of living with ADHD.

So here is my Big Fat Thank You for this week.  A public thank you to all those whose patience has made my life soooooo much easier than it could have been. A silly half-poem!

Thanks mum when you found my socks in the fridge and my head in the clouds
Thanks mum for clearing up after my mess without moaning and not caring less
Thanks dad for being so calm when I made so many mistakes on your work spreadsheet plan
Thanks children for putting up with last minute birthday parties, without any Smarties
Thanks ex-husband for all the days I forgot it was bin-day
Thanks sister for being my friend, through all the days of drama, you’ve been patiently by my side
Thanks bosses for keeping me on even though I’ve cost you hours on misfiled documents
Thanks everyone who has bailed me out when procrastination has created chaos inside and out
Thanks doctors and dentists for letting me off when I’ve missed appointments and pissed you off
Thanks for your forgiveness when you didn’t get a card
Thanks for your forgiveness when I found everything so hard
Thanks friends and family for putting up with my perpetual lateness and only looking at my greatness

Thanks everyone for appreciating my good bits and generally tolerating or accepting my bad bits.  A big fat sloppy and VERY VERY grateful THANK YOU kiss.

What are you really grateful for this week?  I would love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “Thank you for your Patience! Extreme Gratitude

  1. This actually nearly made me cry! Love u Ali Bali 😀 u r the greatest! With or without ADHD, wear it proud as you clearly will. I am shocked though! Ur poem and gratitude is heartwarming and yes we all love ur good bits because they are overwhelmingly along with ur silly bits too! Mwah xxx


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