Are you Fit for Giving?

tired woman

Women often put themselves last in an effort to make other’s lives easier.  Is it effective?  Often is isn’t.  When we are depleted then it becomes increasingly hard to help others.  We we try to make others happy perhaps and to fulfil their needs but what about ours?

Fulfilling your needs is a priority.  Not only does it make you personally happier but it also enables you to share of yourself in the way that those around you need.

Think about times you have felt emotionally, physically and spiritually full and well – it’s a feeling of great abundance.  A feeling that spills out to others.  You have more energy, more ‘ability’  and even desire to give, to share.

Think about times when you are exhausted and depleted.  What do you have to give?  And when you do give, is it with pleasure or with resentment.

The feelings and thoughts in these two scenarios are very different.

Giving and receiving: The Law of Attraction
When we give with joy and abundance the person who receives the help feels gooood.  They know you want to give to them, they know they are not taking anything from you because you are giving from a place of joy and abundance.  You are giving from a place where you feel good and able and willing.

We all know that feeling when someone does something for you but they don’t really want to, right?  It just does not feel the same.  Sometimes it can make us feel guilty or beholden.  We might have preferred not to have received the help in the first place.

The practical element is the same.  The giver gives and the recipient receives but the feelings are poles apart.  From a Law of Attraction point of view the energy exchange is are from harmonious.

Make time for you
If being there for other people is important for you then you need to make sure that your own well is full so that you have lots of abundant, happy energy left over for others.

A big part of this is ensuring you make time for yourself.  Making sure that in those times you are fulfilling your needs for the following:

  • rest and relaxation
  • doing things that you enjoy
  • doing things that fulfil your higher goals and missions

When was the last time you ‘gave’ with pure joy and abundance of spirit?  Are you struggling to help others because your well is running low?

If you struggle with finding natural time for you perhaps you could benefit from making it a habit.  Check out my free Happiness Habits Formula workbook.  It helps you design easy habits which assist you to live a happier life.

Much love

Ali x

This post was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge on Facebook.


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