You CAN Start Now


It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting everything to be perfect and ‘ready’ before you take action.  But it does not have to be.  Any action will get you and the Law of Attraction wheels in motion.  Any action.

Action! Even imperfect action.
Thinking, feeling and then action.  They are the steps used to harness the Law of Attraction.  Thinking and feeling are mighty, mighty powerful but completing the trio with action is what really gets the flow of energy moving you, towards what you really want and need, and moving what you really want and need towards you.

But that feeling that you have to be in the right mood, have the right tools and generally have or be more than you are right now can make everything just stand still.

Start your merry-go-round
Like a huge, dusty, old merry-go-round just sat there still.  Lights off.  Motionless.  A thing of beauty and full of potential for fun but lack of movement makes it just a shadow of itself.  The children in the village all want it to start.  They want to ride on the horses, to have fun, to giggle, to listen to the music, to see the lights in the dark.  The merry-go-round works but the owner wants to wait: till it’s polished, till the engine has been tuned, till the weather is better, till all the horses have been painted.  The children in the village wait.  Year pass and they grow up.  The merry-go-round never starts.

Don’t Wait till the time feels right
Waiting, waiting, waiting.  We can wait whole lifetimes for things to feel right.  We are human with human feelings. its normal to feel nervous, intimidated and unsure sometimes.  But if we never give even a little push then we can stay stuck in that zone of inaction.  And there lies:

  • frustration – stuck crappy energy
  • inertia – stuck, depleting, crappy energy
  • anger – self-destroying crappy energy

Inaction is FEAR – Don’t be its slave
Inaction is normally fear based.  Fear is a normal human response to the unknown.  It’s a self-protection mechanism.  But should we be its slave?

5 tips to kick fear in the face!

Tip 1
YOU ARE ENOUGH and I really mean that!  Now I just want you to believe it.

Repeat after me and if you can, shout this out loud until you begin to feel it in your bones!

  • who I am is enough!
  • what I can do right now is enough!
  • what I can contribute right now is enough!

Tip 2
Ask your self …… What’s the very worst that can happen if I take action on this today?

Tip 3
What would be good about taking action on this today?

Tip 4
Have a debate/argument/conversation with your fear.

  • Ask it “what is the problem? Why are you stopping me from taking action now?”
  • Listen to the answers
  • Talk back to Fear with different voices – with kindness, with love, with compassion but also with strength, conviction and even anger if you have it inside you.  Get into the role of ‘fear slayer!’

Tip 5
Use EFT to blast fear away.  This technique is simple and easy to use and works by interrupting patterns embedded in your energy systems.  Check out the many Youtube videos on eft.  I will be making one soon so watch this space.

Imagine how you will feel when you start to take action.  Energy is released!

  • relief
  • joy
  • power

Strong powerful emotions and then the circle is complete.  Thoughts – feelings – action

Just remember:

Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can

Whatever you do is enough.

Let me know if you take action despite the circumstances not ‘feeling’ perfect.

Blessings! x



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