Simple Pleasure of the Week: Getting dressed and undressed for the day!


This week’s Simple Pleasure is not mine.  It belongs to a friend but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it here.  My friend wrote:

I’ve been thinking about something I enjoy and that’s the daily ritual of getting ready in the morning for the day, and the “dismantling” myself at the end of the day! Everything from getting dressed,putting on perfume and choosing earrings, to putting my clothes in the laundry at bedtime! Simple things I know, but lately I’ve become aware of how much I enjoy them!

It makes me so happy to see this because it highlights so many important things and just something about the way she wrote this just evoked a feeling of peace and pleasure at the same time.

Appreciating the Day to Day
This moment is what we have.  Today is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.  So how fulfilling is it to be able to appreciate everyday moments!  And here my friend comes to the realisation that this  daily ritual is something that she really enjoys.  This kind of awareness increases our awareness of pleasure and this increases our daily sense of happiness.  Oooooo! I feel quite excited!

Focusing in the moment – a mindful ritual
Talk of mindfulness is everywhere right now and my friend made me think about it again.  Here is an example of an everyday thing, getting ready for the day and for the end of the day,  that we can focus on and enjoy.  Being mindful as we go about our business brings serenity and focus.

Making the Day to Day more enjoyable
When I read this it made me think that  I don’t actually enjoy these rituals. I rush and am not focused on what I’m doing.  Rushing to get ready and rushing to get to bed.  I thought about what a shame this is.  Doing these things is a part of every day.  Why not make them into pleasurable experiences?

It made me think even more closely about actively  ‘creating’ everyday pleasure and happiness.  I began to ask myself questions about how I could do this.  The answers to these questions will be the focus of another blog post.

For now I ask you…..

What parts of your everyday bring your pleasure and happiness?



2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasure of the Week: Getting dressed and undressed for the day!

  1. It’s not the process of ‘getting ready’ I enjoy; rather the feeling of ‘being ready’ for my day. And putting on the perfume is absolutely part of it. In fact … it must be time to buy some more …
    I know I’n not well when I don’t want to ‘get ready’.


    • What perfume do you wear? Thats a real simple pleasure for me.

      I know what you mean about being ready for the day but I do like the occasional duvet day! Oooo. Have not had one of those in a long while. Deliberate lounging – lovely! Fresh pj’s – lots of tv and reading and of course lovely foods and snacks.


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