Gratitude to an Old Friend and Much Much More

The last few months have been really challenging at home and we all needed to get away.  As they always do with the Law of Attraction, things conspired to help us do just that in a way that was more perfect and magical than planned. Setting intentions, doing our best and then letting all the rest just happen in a way that was better than anticipated.

We ended up going to Brighton and then going on to Seaford to stay overnight with my marvellous kind and wise friend Trudy and her children.  And I’m so grateful to Trudy.  For offering us her home when we really needed a break, for listening to my endless rant (I had not talked that much in a long time – my throat was sore), for offering love, support and home.  I had not seen her in over 10 years but it felt like it had only been 5 minutes as is the way when old bonds are strong and deep.

There were lots of Simple Pleasures and things to be grateful for that weekend:

  • my eldest daughter came home to be with my youngest and make sure she was safe
  • listening to the sea from Trudy’s bedroom window
  • the chance to go down memory lane
  • sharing an adventure with the man I love
  • being able to see Brighton again in all its busy splendour
  • travelling through beautiful English towns and villages
  • seeing the Japanese rugby team taking a plunge in the freezing cold sea
  • being able to be near the sea again – seeing it, hearing and smelling it
  • seeing the most amazing stormy, dramatic sky that I have ever seen
  • getting caught in a heavy shower of rain
  • fish and chips opposite the sea front

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