Connect with Your Wow!


When was the last time you connected with your Wow!?

What is that? I hear you ask.

What is you Wow!?
Your Wow! times are those moments of when you are at the top of your game. When you have felt that you are standing on the top of the mountain of your life. At your happiest and most content.  When you know you are in the right place at the right time and everything just feels perfect.

How often are you in your Wow?
Those Wow! times should be the norm.  It’s about living your life in full harmony with who you really are. But for many of us this feeling is rare.  But does it have to be? Imagine being in your Wow! state more often.  How amazing would that be?

Exercise for connecting with your Wow!

  1. Create a small amount of thinking time for yourself.
  2. Be ready with pen and paper.  Create your heading: Wow! Times.  You will keep this list and keep adding to it over time.
  3. Relax in whichever way suits you best.
  4. Look back over your life at the defining happy moments.  The times/moments that you were at your happiest.  This could be defining moments when everything felt right.  Certain activities. Or even periods of time.  Happy times at work, school, in relationships.  Times when you felt totally yourself and in flow with the world.
  5. Focus on the feelings, on what exactly was good about those times.  What gave you those feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.
  6. Write down the events/times.  You will begin to build a picture of what really, really makes you happy, content and satisfied with life.  What do these moments/period of time have in common?  You will see themes begin to emerge.  Its fascinating (I was quite surprised at a couple of mine.  Things that I had forgotten that brought me so much joy and that I definitely have not done enough of.)

Using your Wow! discoveries
Your Wow! discoveries are one of the keys to creating greater happiness in your life right now.  When you look at the themes of your past joys and notice that some of these may be missing today you can refocus now and redirect.

Your Wow! list can serve as a reminder when you feel lacklustre and unsure as to where you are headed next.  Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How can I get more of these Wow! moments into my life?
  • What can I do today to move closer to the Wow! life I deserve?

Would you like to share one of your Wow! moments.  What is the essence of what was so good about it?




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