Happiness Interviews: Kerrie McLoughlin Author Writer and Home-schooler to her 5 Children

Kerrie McLoughlin - Author and Home-schooling mother of 5

Kerrie McLoughlin – Author and Home-schooling mother of 5

I met Kerrie McLoughlin because she proof read my Happiness Habits Formula (and thank god she did).  She was kind and helpful and put in that extra mile to give me some advice.  I’m very grateful.   I didn’t know then that she was a published author of five books and home-schooling mother of 5. Wow!  Here is Kerrie letting us know the things that make her happy!  Thank you Kerrie

1. Out of ten how happy are you right now?
Very happy indeed

2. What ‘little things’ in your life make you happy and why?
My 5 kids are little! They make me very happy. My marriage. Being able to work from home and homeschool because I’m living my dream of being with my kids and doing my work. Iced coffee because it’s yummy.
3. What makes you happy in your current relationships and why?
The fact that my husband is supportive of me and that we can communicate well, argue, move on. Trust. Give and take. Same for the very few real female friendships I have. Authenticity.
4. What makes you happy about being a woman and why?
Wearing makeup if I want to. Wearing retro cute clothing or putting on sweats and being confident either way. That I am nurturing.
5. What makes you happy about men and why?
That they don’t get as involved in all the drama. Sometimes I get mad at my husband when he tries to calm a fire that’s going on in my life but later realize he was right! ARGH!
6. What would make you more happy in the future and why?
TRAVEL all over the world with my entire family making memories and learning.

Kerrie has a blog at TheKerrieShow.com. She is  the homeschooling writer/proofreader mom of 5 with 4 books on Amazon (one in print: Make Money to Write About Your Kids ) and articles in over 150 regional parenting magazines.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to share what makes you happy here please let me know in the form below:



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