I’ve Always Wanted to …….

How many times in your lifetime have you said the following?:

I’ve always wanted to ……

We all do it.  We have a list of wants and desires.  But how often do we actively work towards fullfilling our desires?

Holding Back?
Often we hold back on doing things we want to do.  Not enough time, or money, or motivation, or self-belief, or energy.  Or its not the right time, or what would people think? …. those are the things we can tell ourselves.

Just Start
Well there is no time like the present to start. Usually there are one or two things that we COULD  do it we just pull the finger out a little bit.

If your ‘thing’ is doable now – just do it. If its a long term goal then map out tiny steps to get you there. I’m offering free 20 minute coaching calls at the moment for people who want to kick start their Happiness Goals … read on.

I’ve always wanted to work in a charity shop
Last week I started doing something that I’ve been wanting to do for years: work in a charity shop. I just walked into a brand new charity shop in my area a few weeks ago and thought ‘Ooooo! This is the one and now is the right time.’ I wasn’t planning on visiting that area that day but something drew me there that morning so I just followed my hunch.

I’m just doing one morning a week which is plenty as I’m quite busy with different things. I’ve done one session and I LOVED IT! The whole thing: meeting everyone, getting the donations, sorting them out, pricing, displaying everything, serving the customers, even the till is friendly and has pictures. Retail bargains all around me!!! What’s not to get excited about?

Ever since I had my own pocket money to spend I’ve gone shopping in charity shops. My mum used to go crazy – she absolutely hated it. She used to say she didn’t like the idea that someone may have died in the clothes I picked up there.  That is until I found her a designer jacket just in the right style and colour for her for just £8.


This is the shop: The Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity Shop: Chandlers Ford. This charity will be my focus for the next few weeks.

Living in the now – that’s all there is
Moment by moment is how we live our lives. So making it as good as we can by filling it with things that make us happy and content is the best way to live. And what makes us happy is sooooo different for everyone.

What have you always wanted to do but haven’t got round to? Let me know below or email me privately if you want to kick start your happiness goals with a free, non-salesy (promise), obligation-free, 20 minute coaching call with me.


MIND: A Massive Thanks for your Donations

My daughter and son-in-law, Joel, completed their charity cycle ride amazingly well and in good spirits.  Thanks to all of you who donated.  The cycle ride raised money for MIND, a British charity that focuses on mental health.

This was Sue’s message on Facebook:

I want to thank EVERYONE again who sponsored our 90 mile cycle for Mind. We raised a whopping £640 and hopefully a tremendous amount of awareness about how anybody, including people like the late, great Robin Williams suffer in ways most can’t understand.

For those who have said they would sponsor us but haven’t yet please put your money instead towards a charity which really means something to you.

If you meant to donate but didn’t get round to it, the link is still open via Just Giving.

The week following the bike ride could not have highlighted the need for more understanding for sufferers of mental health issues.  As Sue touched on, the beloved comedian, Robin Williams, that two generations of us have grown up with, took his own life. It threw me and I didn’t want to write this blog – it felt like I was capitalizing on someone’s death, even though it was for a good cause. Sigh!

So here I am a few weeks later with the brief tale of Sue and Joel’s expedition.

Firstly I want to make a very relevant Law of Attraction point. What a twat I was the two weeks running up to the cycle ride.  I spent a ridiculous amount  time worrying, about Sue in particular.

Worry – the most ridiculous of emotions
If you can take action worry can be a precursor to doing something positive for yourself or others, otherwise its just a Pile of Poo Emotion.  Pointless. The Law of Attraction hates it.  It repels good things.

The problem was that the pair were not training for the 90 plus cycle ride.  Sue knew she should be training but she wasn’t doing it.

Anyway, as it turned out the lack of training only caused a minor blip.  Sue’s knee hurt for the last few miles and she had to strap it up for a couple of days.  No harm done.

Cycling through rural England
They set off just after nine on the Saturday the for a well planned route through beautiful British villages and countryside.

 People are kind
There was kindness and generosity along the way too. They were given free pints at the Mill Arms near Romsey. At one point they thought they might complete the whole journey on the Saturday but it was just too much for Sue’s knee. To help them along their way, a lovely couple paid for half of their B&B accomodation at Willow Bank House that night.

Sue and Joel arrived on Sunday morning. I was very proud. They couldn’t have looked happier or more relaxed.  I wanted to welcome them with a fanfare but settled on making them a cooked breakfast. They spent rest of the day chilling and talking about what they will do next year to raise funds.

Well done Sue and Joel! Love you both lots.





Sue and Joel Start their Charity Cycle Ride for Mental Health

Screenshot (1)

As I write this Sue (my daughter) and Joel are about to set off on their MIND  charity cycle ride from Bristol to Chandlers Ford.

A massive THANK YOU to all those who have donated to this event.

If you have not donated and have some spare chash and you care about mental health issues please donate any spare cash to this cause.

I have been trying not to worry (as they haven’t trained) and there is the very small matter of the storm we are predicted for Sunday.

Here is what Sue had to say yesterday:

I’m really excited. I’ve never done anything like this before and ive always wanted too. I can’t believe we’ve raised £200 (and counting!!) over our original target, its touching and inspiring!! So much so that I’m going to donate a wad of my own cash to an over seas charity. I’m just pleased that while I’m sweating on some country lane this weekend someone who’s sponsored me might be kinder and more thoughtful towards someone with mental health problems. And ultimately i hope that people feel more able to feel supported when they feel a little (or a lot) mental

But i haven’t trained and i haven’t cycled any where near as far as this before so I’m mentally preparing myself…its too late to physically prepare myself any how. Joel and i are pumped up for the adventure!

Check out another blog post about this Bristol to Chandlers Ford MIND cycle challenge and what giving means in relation to the law of attraction.

MIND: Charity of the Month – Please Sponsor My Daughter

Let’s face it, for most of us giving feels good.  Giving makes us happy.  It seems to be a primal instinct for most people. For the Law of Attraction its a juicy element of energy flow.  Giving and receiving is all part of the rhythm of life.  The Law of Reciprocity – but more about that later.

As part of working with the Law of Attraction, I’ve decided to feature a different charity every month, starting today.  This month’s charity is MIND, a UK based organisation which

‘……. provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.’

One in four of us suffering from mental illness
The statistics state that one in four people at any one time are suffering from some form of mental ill-health so most of us will be touched in some way by a mental health issue, either directly or indirectly.  And MIND has a special place in my heart.

Our family has been affected directly in the last few years with the horrible effects of serious mental health issues.  Mental health is the ‘poor relation’ in the NHS.  So little is still unknown about how the brain works and how and what can be done when there is a dysfunction.  And there is still a lot of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding mental health.

Sponsered cycle ride – PLEASE SPONSER MY DAUGHTER
This weekend my eldest daughter Suzanne and her boyfriend Joel are going to do a sponsored cycle ride for MIND.  They will be making their way from Bristol to my home in Chandler’s Ford Hampshire.  Good luck to them I say! It’s very, very exciting.  They have already beaten the amount they want to raise.  They set their target at £400 and they are now at £515. Even there are only a few days to go I hope they keep raising until the last-minute.

There has been little training going on, so I’m told, so I am a bit concerned as to what state they will arrive in.  To me its a monumental thing they are doing as my idea of physical activity is a few gentle yoga stretches.  I’m imagining they will need lots of grub and cold ice packs to sit on for their sore bottoms!

My youngest daughter Maria has raised money for MIND in the past. I was roped in to make lurid green cupcakes!

The Law of Reciprocity
The law of reciprocity refers to human behaviour where you respond to a kind action with another kind action.  Its simple.  Social Psychology studies show that when a person does something kind the other person feels an instinctive response to do something kind back.  This may not be something which is done immediately and the kind ‘return’ can be acted upon at a later date.  Its almost like the person you have been kind to stores that memory and is later predisposed to be kind back to you.  It makes sense.  It’s the basis of most relationships.

The Law of Attraction and Reciprocity
For me this law also comes into play in the general cosmic scheme of things.  Karma, its called in Budhism. You get back what you give.  In the Law of Attraction if you are responding to the world by giving then the world will respond by giving back to you.  Giving and receiving can both feel good.  Some people find it hard to receive and others to give.  Giving the love and receiving the love are both beneficial to us in many ways (heart, body and soul) and part of the ebb and flow of life’s energy.

Giving to Charity
To be honest in some ways I am against charities.  In part I believe that governments have the duty and responsibility to care for those who need support and help.  But …. this is not a perfect world we live in.  Additionally people like to take responsibility and ‘give’ of their money and time to causes that they really believe in and not just hand over taxes to be allocated as governments see fit.

Have a look at this article in the Guardian, outling the problems that NHS cuts in mental health funding are having on young people.

Please give to MIND
This month I have given something to MIND.  Is this a charity that you care about?  Can you spare some dosh to sponsor my daughter’s charity cycle ride?

Thank you to everyone who has given so far.