Clear Your Desk of Clutter: Increase your Productivity


Some of us live happily in chaos; most of us don’t. Clutter creates a cloggy feeling which drags us down and stunts productivity and creativity. Lots of people ask me ‘Where do I start to declutter my house?’ And I always advise that your desk is a fantastic place to start because for an entrepreneur this is usually the hub of everything. Another question I get asked a lot is how to declutter your paperwork. You can’t clear your desk without having a system for your paperwork so read on for a simple tip.

If you Clear your Desk

…. you

Release Time, Creativity and Productivity

What does your desk look like?
What are the three words that describe your desk/work area?

If your words are like these: clear, fresh, clean, organised, functional, pretty, tidy then don’t read on. Chances are that either you’re not doing any work at all or you are already working efficiently, allowing creativity and energy to flow.

A clear desk makes you want to breathe deeply and approach your day with a fresh mind, a fresh start. It symbolizes organisation and clarity.
Keep it Simple: Less is More

  • Less Clutter
  • Less Chaos
  • Less Mistakes
  • Less Forgotten
  • More time
  • More clarity
  • More productivity
  • More creativity?

5 Easy Steps to a Clutter Free Desk

1) Schedule a date in your diary. Clutter Free Desk Day. Make sure you really give it importance and give yourself enough time to really get stuck in. Take the time out to have a good clean, clear-out and organisational session.

2) How would you like your desk to be? Take a few minutes to create a vision of how you want to work and how you need your desk to be to support your vision. What do you need on your desk? What would you like on your desk? How do you want to feel when you sit at your desk? Is it in the right place for you? Perhaps you even need a new one. Do you have everything you need to support you in your work? Do you need to buy anything that would make your job easier and more streamlined … another filling cabinet, a pen holder, a new stapler? Do you want to work to music?

3) How to declutter your paperwork? Develop a system. Its essential. A good system for keeping a clear desk that I use was developed by Mark Forster. You only have two trays on your desk. All paperwork that is produced on one day goes into one tray. Everything goes in there: notes, lists, memos, receipts, invoices, newspaper articles, the post, everything!

The following day you focus on that tray and ‘deal’ with everything in it. That could mean a whole host of things depending on what the items are: diarising, filling, delegating, or even actioning for that day. Meanwhile anything that is coming in that day goes into the other tray to be dealt with the next day.

4) Go for it! On your scheduled day, possibly armed with new items (maybe even a new desk) create a working environment that pleases you, that makes you enjoy sitting and working at your desk. Clean and polish everything! Create an environment which inspires and motivates you, which makes you feel more productive. Throw out all the stuff you will never use or need. Deal with everything that is outstanding.

5) Keep it that way! It will feel so good you will be motivated to keep it that way. Keeping your desk like this help to eliminates stress and chaos. At the end of each work session say to yourself, “When I come back to this desk will my surroundings make me feel inspired and raring to go?” Eventually it becomes a habit to leave things exactly as you want to find them. Enjoy and let me know how you get on.

Keep it simple: less is more!

Are you struggling with physical clutter? Fed up with it holding you back? I have created a workbook that will help you get clear on how you really want to live and help you clear your physical clutter in easy, simple and fun steps. Take a look at my Be Clutter Free workbook here.




5 Easy Steps – Clear Space and Declutter your Life

Declutter Your Life


People are always asking me to give them some practical tips to get happy.  Often its not about doing something extra but about doing less.  Sometimes we are simply doing too much and the juggling plays havoc with our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We try to work smarter, make things more streamlined. We try to do more and more and try and do it better and better. We say yes to extra commitments when we really want to say no.  What you really want is to declutter your life.

Yet we all have the same amount of time available to us AND
We have choices as to what we do with our time
(even if it doesn’t always feel that way)

What you really want is to declutter your life.

Yet we all have the same amount of time available to us AND
We have choices as to what we do with our time
(even if it doesn’t always feel that way)

The 5 Steps to Declutter Your Life
Here are 5steps to help you declutter your life. You will learn to assess your time gremlins, work smarter and move towards a more time-relaxed way of living:

Step 1: Your Relationship With Time
What is your relationship with time right now?
Do you feel that the pace of your life is just right for you or do you feel too ‘pressed’ for time?

Step 2: What Do You Want More Time For?

  • What three things would you like to do that you feel you don’t have the time to do at the moment?
  • What is creating frustration for you because you never seem to get round to it?
  • What is important about these things?

Step 3: What Takes Up Your Time?
Make a list of all the regular things that take up your time. Here is a list to jog your mind – you will have many others:
Working (subdivide this), TV, Childcare, Shopping. paperwork, Socializing, Exercising, Traveling, Committees, Hobbies, Gardening,
• Highlight the top three things that take up most of your time?
• Circle the three things you like to do the least and
• Put a tick the three things you most enjoy doing

Step 4: What Could You Cut Out?
What are three things that are not important to you right now that you could cut out of your life?
Sometimes we need to make large sweeping cuts; sometimes we only need a little tweak.

This list is just intended to spark your imagination:

• Social clubs you no longer enjoy
• That extra job you agreed to do
• all that clutter that’s taking up space in your home and head
• That course you’ve started but don’t feel is helping you
• People you no longer feel in congruence with
• That hour in front of the TV you’re not really enjoying

And could you delegate?

• You partner could share more of the load
• Your children could do some chores
• Could you employ someone to do your ironing/housework/gardening/office work?

Step 5: Let the Good Stuff In!!!
You have assessed where you are, what you want, what you don’t want and got rid of some things that no longer serve you. You are on the way to declutter your life.

Now let the ‘good-stuff’ in:

  • The things that make you happy and relaxed
  • The things that are important to you
  • the things that make you smile with excitement
  • the things that make you a nicer person to be around
  • the things that let you live the life you’ve always wanted
  • the things that make you, you!

Are you struggling with physical clutter? Fed up with it holding you back? I have created a workbook that will help you get clear on how you really want to live and help you clear your physical clutter in easy, simple and fun steps. Take a look at my Be Clutter Free workbook here.

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Declutter your home in just 10 minutes a day! My New Ebook

Decluttering eWorkbook

Hello everyone!

I have finally completed the revised edition of my Be Clutter Free Workbook.  Here it is!

  • Are you sick of clutter holding you back and draining your energy?
  • Do you spend too long trying to find things because there is just too much stuff?
  • Are you embarrassed to invite people back?
  • Do you want that feeling of ease and peace when you come home?
  • Do you want to be able to find anything you want straight away?
  • Do you want to live in a home that you feel proud of and enjoy?

I would like to offer you my Be Clutter Free workbook which will help you declutter your home in a fun and easy way (yes its possible)

I created this workbook because I used to be a total clutterbug and now I am not. I wanted to help other women be clutter free too. It’s such a liberating experience and frees up so much time and energy, why wouldn’t I want to share this?

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What you will get from this workbook?

  • 65 pages that take you through your decluttering journey in easy, fun, manageable steps
  • Interactive worksheets to help you track your progress
  • Step by step instructions on how to declutter your home in easy ways
  • Learn how just ten minutes a day can create significant dents in your clutter
  • You get to find out why you have clutter in the first place
  • You will create a beautiful vision of exactly how you want your home to look and feel
  • You will learn how to declutter for good – joy!

Where clutter is concerned Less is More

Less Anxiety
Less Stress
Less Indecision

More Energy
More Space
More Organisation

Why learn about it from me?
As I said, I have been very cluttered myself in the past but once I started on this journey I never looked back. I wanted to declutter for good and I did. Decluttering made me feel free.

As a child my mother would hold her hands up in despair at my mess and inability to let go of anything and when I first had a young family its was very chaotic to say the least. It caused me endless hours of hunting for things and just seemed to sap my mental energy.

I discovered earlier this year that I had ADHD. Many people with ADHD suffer with clutter issues. I was just lucky that I created a solution for myself and now i want to share it with others.

Because decluttering has brought me untold benefits, this is why I’m very qualified to teach and share this information with you.

I have been a life coach for many years and I used to specialise in helping people to declutter for good. Its a real problem that can stop you moving on with your life. That’s when I created this workbook. Because it provides an affordable way to pass on my knowledge. It will be like having a hands on clutter clearing coach sitting right beside you.

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So here it is! The Be Clutter Free Workbook for just £9.99

Here are some of the questions you may have (but be sure to email me with any other questions you may have.)
Ali, do you teach a very ruthless method of decluttering?
I am quite a gentle person. What I do in the workbook is gently guide you and then you will quickly see how easy it is once you get going. Once you get started you will see the benefits for yourself. There is no need for ‘a firm hand.’ The process is designed for you to follow at your own pace with no bully tactics. You will do it because you want to and not because I’m telling you to.

Doesn’t decluttering take a very long time?
It can do. It depends on the extent of your problem. If you are organised and motivated it can get done very quickly indeed. The most important thing is to get started on the most important areas first. The areas that really cause you the most problems. Once you start to see results in these areas the rest just feels really, really easy.

Why do you say that decluttering can be done in ten minutes a day? Surely you need longer that that?
The point is that an awful lot can be done in ten minutes. Sometimes when you are overwhelmed or scared of something you might not be able to face more than ten minutes of it at a time. And that is fine. Later on when people start to feel the benefits they often charge ahead and spend longer periods sorting out their clutter. And that is fine too. No matter how much you do it will release lots of amazing energy in your life!

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How to Clear Out Clutter and Clear Your Energy

Photo by Loretta Humble

Clear Out Clutter: photo by Loretta Humble

What happens when you clear your clutter?
When you clear out clutter it releases an enormous amount of energy and frees your life up to receive more of what you want.  I used to work purely as a de-cluttering coach.  You can listen here to some of my radio appearances to get a greater insight into the power of de-cluttering, straight from the horses mouth.

What is clutter?
Clutter is anything that is unwanted or unnecessary in your life.  Things that hold you back and get in your way.  Clutter does not just refer to physical ‘things’.  You can have:

  • emotional clutter
  • email and electronic file clutter
  • commitment clutter (too many things in your life that you have agreed to do)
  • and although it may sound harsh ….. even too many friends that you no longer really have much in common with

How to decide if something is clutter
Sometimes it can be unclear if something is clutter or not but normally you can feel a negative emotion when you look at or think about the things in question.  A kind of gloomy stuck feeling.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I love this?
  2. Do I need this for practical or legal purposes?
  3. What’s the worse that could happen if this wasn’t in my life anymore?

These questions help you to eliminate clutter from your life.

Why it’s sometimes hard to de-clutter
De-cluttering can be an emotional experience and that is because things are not just things.  They have ‘meanings’ behind them.

That old tatty cushion is not just a cushion its the cushion your aunt gave you 7  years ago. You love your aunt so you associate getting rid of that cushion with somehow rejecting or disrespecting her.

That friend you no longer have anything in common with is not just that, she is someone you have shared many good times with in the past.  You would feel disloyal and ungrateful if you no longer see her.

Those digital files you have that you no longer use aren’t ‘just’ files they represent hours of research and work.  By getting rid of them you might feel upset that you ‘wasted’ all that time on creating things that you no longer need or see value in.

That second kettle you have put away is there because you feel it would be wasteful to get rid of it.  You might need it someday. Possibly there is a fear of ‘lack’ there – that you can’t be wasteful because a time may come when your kettle breaks down and you won’t be able to replace it.

Clutter can be beneficial!
Usually if we are hanging on to things that do not serve us, whether its clutter, a belief, a habit, its because somewhere in our subconscious there is a benefit, a pay off of some sort.

  • security – holding on to things can make us feel secure.
  • sense of self – we have and buy things that give us a sense of identity.  Getting rid of things can mean we need to re-evaluate who we are and what we want.
  • sense of abundance – imagine going from a house full of ‘things’ to living out of a suitcase travelling from country to country. We attach meanings of status and power to the ‘things’ in our lives

So its easy to put off de-cluttering even though we know that the benefits would be immense.  So you don’t clear your clutter, you build up more resistance and get more and more cluttered and more and more stuck.  But it does not have to be this way.

Easy and gentle ways to combat declutter resistance
I have always taught two simple ways to combat that resistance.  Both are easy, gentle and do not require huge efforts of will.  They are even fun!

  1. Create a vision of what you want – Create in your mind a strong vision of how you want your life to be.  Think about it vividly.  You could write about it or even create a vision board.  How do you want to feel in your clutter free world?  What would it look like?  How would it smell?  This is a powerful motivator.  Its something you can come back to time and time again when you feel bogged down with that clutter around you. It gives you the strong reasons why you want to change and makes it easier for you to do so.
  2. 10 minutes at a time – clutter is not created overnight and its not going to be cleared overnight.  Taking small steps to clear it however can release enormous energy which makes you feel fabulous! Sometimes 10 minutes will be enough but on other occasions 10 minutes can turn into hours of energising clearing.  It feels so good but be kind to yourself.

An important bonus decluttering tip – if in doubt leave it out!
Although being ruthless with your de-cluttering can feel amazing, if you feel particularly unsure on an item … WAIT.  Its very, very common for de-cluttering to take several ‘goes.’  Its like the peeling of an onion, a journey of heart, mind and soul that does not always happen overnight.  And that is fine.  As long as you are happy and benefiting, having fun and it feels EASY – that’s what counts.

If you are serious about de-cluttering I have an amazing resource that helps you to get rid of your clutter.  Its a workbook which eases you into your clutter clearing journey.  I love it and its includes everything that I did to clear my own clutter all those years ago and how I’ve managed to stay clutter free. This resource has helped many people over the years.

I can hear you all now:

Help me get rid of my clutter Ali!

Follow the link to find out all about this resource.


I would love to hear about your clutter experiences.

Much love

Ali P x

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Talk Back to Those Gremlins!


We all do it.  That little voice that seems to appear from nowhere ….

  • I’m not good at this
  • I can’t do that
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m not sure
  • What will they think?
  • I’m such an idiot

Would you talk like that to a loved one?

The answer is ‘probably not.’

Talking to those gremlins
Next time you catch yourself talking like that to yourself, pause for a moment …. and talk back.  Don’t allow your negative gremlin to get away with it.  Give it a challenge and ask yourself the following 5 questions:

  1. Really? Is that REALLY true?
  2. What is helpful about talking to myself in this way?
  3. What could I say to myself right now that is true and more empowering?
  4. What do I really want and need right now that is making me talk to myself in such a negative way? Make it a juicy statement of intent!
  5. What can I put into place to help me achieve this?

For a wonderful book about taming your gremlin check out Taming Your Gremlin (Revised Edition): A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way.

Repeatedly challenging those gremlins will give you a truer and more positive perspective of yourself.

And you deserve that. We all do.

Do you want your gremlin to shut the f….k up? Start talking back to your gremlin.