Gratitude to an Old Friend and Much Much More

The last few months have been really challenging at home and we all needed to get away.  As they always do with the Law of Attraction, things conspired to help us do just that in a way that was more perfect and magical than planned. Setting intentions, doing our best and then letting all the rest just happen in a way that was better than anticipated.

We ended up going to Brighton and then going on to Seaford to stay overnight with my marvellous kind and wise friend Trudy and her children.  And I’m so grateful to Trudy.  For offering us her home when we really needed a break, for listening to my endless rant (I had not talked that much in a long time – my throat was sore), for offering love, support and home.  I had not seen her in over 10 years but it felt like it had only been 5 minutes as is the way when old bonds are strong and deep.

There were lots of Simple Pleasures and things to be grateful for that weekend:

  • my eldest daughter came home to be with my youngest and make sure she was safe
  • listening to the sea from Trudy’s bedroom window
  • the chance to go down memory lane
  • sharing an adventure with the man I love
  • being able to see Brighton again in all its busy splendour
  • travelling through beautiful English towns and villages
  • seeing the Japanese rugby team taking a plunge in the freezing cold sea
  • being able to be near the sea again – seeing it, hearing and smelling it
  • seeing the most amazing stormy, dramatic sky that I have ever seen
  • getting caught in a heavy shower of rain
  • fish and chips opposite the sea front

Thank you for your Patience! Extreme Gratitude

Thanks stone

I’ve recently discovered that I have ADHD.  It came as an immense shock to me but also a great relief.  A shock because I always associated ADHD with really physical people who can’t keep still (and I’m not at all like that) and a relief because all of a sudden everything JUST MADE SENSE.

As I read more and more around the subject I learnt that lots of people with ADHD have a really hard time from other people throughout their lives.  People can be impatient, write them off, criticize, nag and reject.  None of that happened to me throughout my life.  And I am so GRATEFUL and I feel so lucky about that.

The only criticism and torment I’ve had is from myself.  This has been torture enough.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have people talk to me the way I have talked to myself about all the downsides of living with ADHD.

So here is my Big Fat Thank You for this week.  A public thank you to all those whose patience has made my life soooooo much easier than it could have been. A silly half-poem!

Thanks mum when you found my socks in the fridge and my head in the clouds
Thanks mum for clearing up after my mess without moaning and not caring less
Thanks dad for being so calm when I made so many mistakes on your work spreadsheet plan
Thanks children for putting up with last minute birthday parties, without any Smarties
Thanks ex-husband for all the days I forgot it was bin-day
Thanks sister for being my friend, through all the days of drama, you’ve been patiently by my side
Thanks bosses for keeping me on even though I’ve cost you hours on misfiled documents
Thanks everyone who has bailed me out when procrastination has created chaos inside and out
Thanks doctors and dentists for letting me off when I’ve missed appointments and pissed you off
Thanks for your forgiveness when you didn’t get a card
Thanks for your forgiveness when I found everything so hard
Thanks friends and family for putting up with my perpetual lateness and only looking at my greatness

Thanks everyone for appreciating my good bits and generally tolerating or accepting my bad bits.  A big fat sloppy and VERY VERY grateful THANK YOU kiss.

What are you really grateful for this week?  I would love to hear from you.

Gratitude: Creating a BIG FAT THANK YOU

Gratitude is one of the ways we can appreciate the lives we have right now.  It helps us to up our happiness levels and this in turn sets the Law of Attraction Wheels in motion.

I was jotting down daily things that I was grateful for but I lost the fun and joy of it.  The whole exercise became boring, repetitive and really not very joyful.  It was too much, too often.  So rather than little and often (and not very well) I thought about how I could really EXPRESS my gratitude more fully. So as to create an ACTION of gratitude.  Not just a thought or emotion but an actual ACTION.

Thoughts and feelings are powerful and the Law of Attraction energy is certainly unleashed when these two are strong but ACTION is much MORE powerful.  It’s an outside expression of what’s inside us. It’s there, its tangible.  It has stronger energy waves – it’s the manifestation of energy, creative energy.  And as we act in accordance with our highest desires we are reinforcing our thoughts and feelings.

So to create an expression of gratitude that not only serves to make me feel good but others too, I hit upon the idea of ……


A Big Fat Thank You is taking gratitude to the next level.  It’s taking grateful thoughts and feelings and converting them into action.

Creating a Big FAT Thank You

Big fat Thank You’s can take many forms.  There are two important points here

  1. You must be truly grateful.  True gratitude can motivate you to move mountains in order to say thanks.
  2. Your thank you has to be something that feels special when you create it.  Something that you create and develop from a place of love and FUN.

There are natural and obvious opportunities to give and create a Big Deal Thank You

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • religious holidays

But in reality any time is good.

Creating a Big Fat Thank You

  • Write a massive list of all the things, people and events that you feel grateful for
  • Ask yourself – What am I so grateful for that I am moved to create a Big Fat Thank You for?
  • Think of ways that you could SHOW your gratitude.  Take your time and reject ideas that feel too hard for you in any way.  Whether its time, money, energy, logistics.  Reject anything that does not feel light, fun and free. Make it easy.
  • When you feel motivated everything is easy.
  • Take action.  Don’t sit on it!
  • Make this an active practise.  Don’t sit on those feelings of gratitude.  Often we get inspired ideas when we are grateful but we don’t act on them.  This happens to me all the time.  I have great ideas of giving back and then …. I just don’t.

Some Big Fat Thank You ideas

  • write a poem
  • send a card
  • write a letter
  • bake a cake
  • offer your time
  • help
  • prepare a special meal
  • make a gift
  • buy a gift
  • record and send a gratitude message
  • create and air a Youtube video
  • create an altar of gratitude
  • make a gratitude mood board
  • donate time or money
  • pass on a book
  • write a blog post
  • write an email

Enjoy! I’m off to write a postcard, scribble on some stones and maybe to create a Youtube thank you.  I’ll keep you posted.

Is there anyone or anything that you feel a great amount of gratitude towards right now?  What Big Fat Thank You could you create for them?




How to get Happy Quickly

Today’s blog is sharp and to the point. No chit chat, no explanations. I’m going to do it too. Let me know if you do and what happens.  I’ll do the same.

  • Write down five things you are really grateful for in your life.
  • Write down five things that you love doing at the moment. Things that make you happy. If you are feeling low at the moment just think about things that have made you happy in the past or that could make you happy if you did them.
  • Plan to do at least one of those things today or tomorrow. Really enjoy it. Think about why you love it and revel in it.  Enjoy! Explore! Appreciate!

Gratitude: Receiving a Nomination for an Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Firstly a massive thank you to Chrissy Faery! She has nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I was thrilled.

Chrissy is a creative who works with crystals.  She is also very supportive.

chrissyfaery_1396350127_27Chrissy Faery Banner

When you accept this award you have to answer some questions and nominate six other women’s blogs.  Here are my answers:

What’s your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is blue – and there with so many shades there is something for every mood. Blue – the sea, the sky, blue hydrangea!

What’s your favourite animal?
My favourite animals in general are tigers. They just look so powerful but beautiful at the same time. Soft and beautiful but with amazing strength.

My favourite animal in particular is a beautiful dog called Sindy who I met last summer. I have always been a bit scared of animals but she has such a beautiful nature that she restored my faith and has made me super calm and happy around animals.

What’s your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Pineapple and lemonade. Yummy! Its so refreshing in the summer. My dad always used to make it for me as a special treat when I was a girl.

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook only at the moment. Love it.

What’s your favourite pattern?
I don’t have a favourite pattern but I love design and art, fabrics, colours, scrapbook papers – I love it all!

Do you prefer getting or giving presents?
I love BOTH in equal measure. Both make me feel fabulous. This is important in the Law of Attraction – to really appreciate and enjoy giving and receiving.

What’s your favourite number?
13! I was born on that day so it has to be lucky!

What’s your favourite day of the week?
I love fresh starts of all kinds so Monday is my favourite day of the week.

What is your favourite flower?
I adore the smell of jasmine on a warm summer evening but I love the cool, full look of blue hydrangea.

What is your passion?
My passion is learning and inspiring others with what I have learnt. Learning how to live a happy, full, creative and abundant life everyday despite the challenges that may come our way. This is my passion and one that I love to share with others.  I work with the Law of Attraction to powerhouse everything I do.

I nominate the following 6 blogs for this award:

Linda Hewitt from Positive Spin:

Leesa at the Crystal Grove:

Chrissy Faery

Denise Duffield-Thomas from Lucky Bitch

Holly Worton from Socially Holistic

Leoni Dawson from The Amazing Life and Biz Academy


Mother’s Day Pleasure: Allowing

Mother’s Day was great for me.  In an attempt to explore why I decided to look at why and how in relation to the Law of Attraction.  I have found that two main principles came into play for me.  Allowing and Gratitude.

  • Receiving Love
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Receiving Time

When we deliberately work with the Law of Attraction what we are wanting is to ‘receive’ and draw towards us whatever it is we want.  Sometimes we are not used to receiving, opening up and ‘allowing’ good things to come our way.

Festive occasions are a good time to practice allowing: enjoying your time and being grateful for the things that come your way.

I was grateful ….

  • to have all three children together at home for Mother’s Day.
  • for my thoughtful gifts and breakfast treats
  • for their words of gratitude and appreciation of me
  • jokes, laughter and teasing
  • remembering funny old times
  • to have love in my life
  • that they agreed to go out to the pub for our first ever grown up family drink out!

Thank you family!




Gratitude: It’s Role in the Law of Attraction

Why is gratitude important in the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction works better for you when you create a positive vibe in your life.  Good things happen everyday but we are often so focused on the negative or just looking towards the future so that the present and all its goodness passes us by.

Gratitude allows us to pause:

  • What was good today?
  • What things brought me pleasure?
  • What was funny?
  • What did I achieve?
  • What simple pleasures did I notice?

Sometimes it is hard.  When unexpected things are thrown your way or when you are finding it hard to lift a negative mood.  BUT ….. there are always things to be grateful for.

What am I grateful for today?

A family member has been very unwell – I’m grateful that she is still in this world.  There is hope.

I’ve found the perfect coffee shop environment to write in.  Costa Coffee in Easteigh.  The staff are perfect and I love it here.

My children are coming for Mother’s Day tomorrow. I feel loved.

My Simple Pleasure is that the sun is shinning!

Taking time out to appreciate the good things and being grateful for them creates a more positive frame of mind.  It naturally increases the endorphines in your brain and creates a ‘feel good’ mood.  The Law of Attraction responds to this by sending MORE good things your way.

NB: My friend Alison has just arrived to meet me for a coffee.  And she looks BEAUTIFUL.  Another Simple Pleasure – appreciating beauty in all its forms!