Happiness Tool: Writing it Out in Words

The Joy of Journalling

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Writing things down is a well known tool for getting your thoughts and feelings onto paper and out of your head.  From the angst filled jottings of teenage diaries to the journals of famous inventors and artists, society has much evidence of the importance and usefulness of expressing yourself through the written word.  In terms of the Law of Attraction and your journey to greater happiness it’s a mighty tool for increasing positivity and ramping up your happy juice.

This week I would like to recommend an amazing on-line tool that can help you to journal privately (or publicly) in a friendly and supportive environment.

This is a simple on-line site that is designed for you to write 750 words every day.  That’s it. You can write more if you wish but the minimum number of words to stop at is 750.

The 750 words  website was inspired by a technique called The Morning Pages found in the book The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self. The author Julia Cameron,  explains that writing three pages of longhand everyday, without censorship and without stopping, increases creativity and allows you to find your inner and creative self.  And this in itself is one of the best ways to be happy.  The book and, in particular, this technique, took the creative world by storm because people found that it worked.  If you are interested, here is an Ali Brown podcast featuring the author.

Some people prefer to journal in the traditional way with pen and paper and I must admit this is how I’ve always done it.  But this month I decided to trial the 750 words site and have been using it very happily for 12 days so far.

Interesting Feedback
On the site, when you have completed your writing, you get data feedback.  You track how many words you write and how long it took you.  Additionally, they have incorporated an interesting feature which analyses your words in terms of content, perspective and emotion.  Very illuminating! Here is a screen-shot of my writing today.

750 words data

All your work is confidential and you get awarded badges for different milestones.  For example, the number of consecutive days you have written for, your typing speed and if you write your 750 words without interruption.

The first 30 days are free and then there is a charge of $5 per month.

How to apply the Law of Attraction when you are writing

  1. Releasing negativity: Writing out your emotions is very beneficial particularly if you want your thoughts to be private and don’t want to talk things over with friends, family or professionals.  Note: I do not mean by this that dwelling and staying stuck in negative emotions is beneficial but that touching on them, in order to release them, is.

Hiding or trying to ignore problems creates a huge blockage to happiness.  It creates an energetic tension boulder which prevents what you really want coming your way.  It blocks you and it blocks the universal forces from creating positive action.

  1. Create your own reality: Exploring and writing out your hearts desires is powerful.  Thinking about what you want and need is important but there is something about writing it down that just increases the power of our emotions and it’s emotion that drives us and the Law of Attraction to create what we want and need.

There it is in black and white, written down.  Statements of power and intent.  The process of writing increases your emotion and your resolve to create a happier life for yourself.

Explore, explore, explore!
Those 750 words are there for you to use as you wish.  If you want to increase your manifesting powers then write with that intent. It really helps when you are learning how to apply the Law of Attraction.  As you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to happen today?
  • Who am I? What drives me, what makes me happy?
  • What do I want? What are my needs now?
  • What are my aspirations, for myself, my family, my community?
  • Where am I happy now?  How can I get more of this?

Remember one of the best ways to be happy is to really dig deep into who you really are and what you really want!

I would love to hear your experiences of journalling and diary writing. Please comment if you are moved to.

Update  03/11/15:  I now use this tool as part of my Happiness Creation Day Package to help people explore their desires.

This blog has been inspired by Day 9 of Natalie Sisson’s 15 Days to Freedom blog challenge.  Thank you Natalie!


Things that you Love

The Goddess Experience

I found a great book in a charity shop the other day: The Goddess Experience, written by Gisele Scanlon.  Gisele set about finding and writing about things that she loved and that made her happy.  It’s also a very funny book because she has a witty writing style which I love.  I keep the book in my car and dip into it when I’m ‘hanging about’ for something or other. It makes me laugh, it’s inspiring and interesting.  It’s on my Things I Love list.

Gisele starts the book in Paris and she says,

‘I,  made a pact with myself to start concentrating on a Happy List to be, you know, be grateful, well, no, not grateful, what’s the word, to be more ……. happy.  That’s it! To concentrate on happy stuff and see where it would take me from this moment on.’

Gisele’s book is packed with everthing that makes her happy, including the exact places where these things can be found.  Amongst the hundreds of things she loves are:

  • The word ‘notable’
  • Milky tea
  • Tiny pens and pencils from the shop Styl Honore in Paris
  • Stephen Fry (who doesn’t?)
  • Black Bougie candles from the Hotel Bourg Tibourg

What makes you happy?
Focusing on what you love makes you feel GOOD.  It makes you HAPPY and in the moment.  In terms of the Law of Attraction these great vibrations enable you to attract more positive things into your life.

Happy List
Do you fancy creating a happy list?  What would go on it first?  Would love to hear about the things you love.

Are you Struggling with the Law of Attraction?

The Luck Factor

Are you struggling to fully commit to open yourself up to the idea that you can manifest anything you want?

We live in a world where logic and practicalities dominate.  And at the moment the ‘science’ surrounding the Law of Attraction is not quite not in the hands of every day people.

At one point I was battling with the concept that my own energies could have the most powerful influence over the world around me.  The book The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman enabled me to see how in a practical way having a positive mindset could make all the difference.  The books tagline is:

The Scientific Study of the Lucky Mind

What the book shows us is that practical results can be achieved by just having a more positive mindset.

Positive people are more likely to:

  • Be on the lookout for opportunities.  The researchers placed a five dollar bill outside the research center.  People who counted themselves as ‘lucky’ were more likely to find it.
  • Develop a wider circle of friends and acquaintances. People who considered themselves lucky were more trusting.  This meant that they were more likely to hear about opportunities which would help them in their lives.
  • Look on the bright side.  Even when negative things happened the researchers found that the ‘lucky’ people turned them on their heads and looked for the learning opportunities.

If you enjoy reading and feeling a bit unsure, read this book! It helps.