Quick Technique to Relax and Replenish: The Green Break

Forest trees

This is technique that I learnt about recently that really helps you to have a proper break when you don’t have a lot of time.

A Green Break: Simple but effective

  1. Stand facing something green (this can be outside, just looking out of a window, at a plant in your home or office, even at a picture of something green and naturey)
  2. Focus on the greenery
  3. Breath in slowly
  4. Breathe out slowly
  5. As you breath in again raise your arms in the air and then down
  6. Move your head from side to side slowly, then down towards your chest. Relax for a moment here and relax.
  7. Drink a glass of water
  8. Still standing rock from side to side gently. Sway for just a moment.
  9. You are ready to carry on with your day

This technique was adapted from the marvelous book: ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organise Your Life.

Studies show that being in or around nature, and even looking at pictures of nature,  releases endorphins which contribute to a positive mindset.

Let me know how you get on!

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Creating a Happy Morning Routine

How can you start your day off happier?

How can you start your day off happier?

Let’s just say that mornings are NOT my favourite and anyone that knows me is fully aware of this.  But I signed up for Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day blogging challenge and day 1 asks us to think and write about what morning routines we follow (or in my case would like to follow) in order to kick-start the day in a positive way.    The challenge has  got me thinking and planning. How could I make my mornings happier and more importantly, how can you?

My mornings are not pretty or positive.  I seem to need a loooong time in bed before I can get up.  If I get up quickly I feel sick, dizzy and as if I want to keel over.  I’m overly tired still.

A good start would be to get a good, restorative 8 hours sleep.  So my routine needs to start the night before.

No checking phone, social media or emails just before bed (or in bed).  Too much stimulation. I’ve decided to start reading novels again.  I used to be a real bookworm and there’s soooo much pleasure to be had.  I have a stash of books lined up ready. Let the reading begin.

HAPPY SOLUTION 2 – Meditation
Because it does take me so long to rouse its reasonable that I should not try to immediately spring up and become the sprightly morning nymph that I am not. But instead to start the morning with a meditation before I get up.

I already do mediations.  I love them and have created some of my own.  Currently I use Leoni’s Dawson’s 20 minute guided meditations which I find excellent and only take 20 mins.  But I’ve never done one on first waking.  Sounds like a happy plan though. Meditation usually inspires me and fires me up.

HAPPY SOLUTION 3 – Gratitude and Setting Intentions
A few months ago I started a practice of morning gratitude and setting intentions for the day. I used the 5 Minute Journal (check it out – good stuff) I gave it up for a while partly because I was so groggy in the morning that, lets say, I was having trouble with the ‘gratitude mindset.’  The proper sleep and meditation should help to sort this out.

At the moment the idea of getting physical in the morning does not fill me with thoughts of happiness.  Let’s say that the opposite is true.  BUT …… I do love yoga and haven’t done any for a couple of months and my body is missing it. So is my mind and soul …. it’s very calming and relaxing.  I have a 20 minute routine on Youtube which will be perfect to start with.

HAPPY SOLUTION 5 – Breakfast??
I’m one of those that can’t eat breakfast when I first get up.  I’m just not hungry and the thought of it just makes me want to vomit.  Since I gave up dieting years ago my one big moto is ‘don’t eat when you are not hungry’.  So that is really the end of that topic for now.  However, maybe this will change with the new routine.  That’s my desired intention: to enjoy a healthy breakfast. And as we know intentions turn into realities.

I love my coffee (its one of my favourite Simple Pleasures)  so after my shower that will be the final part of my mourning routine. A sumptuous cup of coffee whilst I plan the rest of my day.

So, let see …. test, test, test.  I’m looking forward to it.  And now to prepare so that things are as easy and smooth as possible in the morning

And now over to you.  Feel free to share your morning routine with me. Good, bad or ugly!




Clearing Your Blocks Guest Post: Kendra Kantor

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetKendraKantor

For the Law of Attraction to work at its best the more you clear your crap, the better.  I love it that we all have our own ways to help us do this.

Today Kendra Kantor explains how art journaling works for her.  Kendra is a Wellness Mentor and Guide for creative women looking to embrace their self discovery and improve their mental health wellness.


Your Journal Is Your Own Personal Therapist

As I grow up, I’ve noticed more often that there are so many things in life that you truly have to experience to understand. I always thought about having a baby, but never really got what it would be like or how much I could possibly love my son until he was born. As much as I write about my mental illnesses, people who haven’t experienced them won’t ever be able to understand where I’m coming from.

As an artist, I didn’t understand the significance of having a daily(ish) practice until I created one, and then stopped.

I’ve been dabbling in art journaling off and on for years and years now. It’s a love hate kind of relationship I think. I love the release but for so long hated the outcome of my page. I was too focused on the look and on how “popular” journalers styled their books.

About a year ago, I said EFF THIS! And did what I wanted. I went minimal, lots of watercolor, tech pen. My pages are filled with poems and affirmations. In late 2013, I started working regularly and consistently in my journal. Being a mama, I don’t get time every day but about 3 or 4 days a week for 30 minutes, I sit down and show up at the page.

It can be hard some days. Other days, it’s such a release. I sit down and the words, the pain, the images just pour out of my fingers and before I know it my time is up.

Have you ever used an art journal (or written journal) as a wellness tool? How about this, have you ever been in talk therapy? I’m a big believer in both. I’ve always loved my talk therapy sessions the most over the years because it was about getting my words out, my emotions expressed to someone else.

That’s what your journal is for. It’s your own personal therapist that you can fit in your purse. Spill your words, your emotions. Let out the pain onto the page. It won’t completely go away from inside of you, but that letting go, that making it visual, tangible goes a long long way to feeling lighter and well.

Do you ever feel like your emotions are hard to contain? I get that too. Trigger alert: my anxiety often manifests itself by making me feel like I need to throw up to get the pain, the adrenaline and the negativity out of me. I don’t, but I often turn to my journal page and watercolors. I scribble poems, I doodle portraits.

Instead of keeping your emotions pent up, let them bubble out in a productive manner. Let them out onto the page, with your ink or paint. Let your emotions and thoughts free.

“Dear Self: a collection of poems and art” is Kendra’s first publication. The official release date June 10th, 2013, special per-orders are available through Kendra’s website. This collection of 30 poems and art perfectly blends her love of visual art and the written word. What started as a personal project to improve her wellness blossomed into a lifetime dream coming true.

When she’s not helping you improve your life and wellness or working on her next book, you can find Kendra indulging in her guilty pleasure reads (romances or zombie novels), stealing as many cuddles as possible from her toddler and bribing her husband to go get ice cream (it’s really not that hard!).

Pre-order your copy of Kendra’s new book “Dear Self”, today!

Website: http://kendrakantor.com
Blog http://likeabirdblog.com




Why Saying No! Means Saying Yes! to your Power.

Toleration Tuesday: Why Saying No Empowers You

No feels like a negative word.  But is it? Saying no to things can be empowering because when you say it what you mean is that you are saying yes to other, more positive and uplifting habits.

Sometimes women have a knack of taking on the needs of others when what they need is to look after and nurture themselves.

Saying no sometimes means the following things:

Yes! I am looking after my energy levels

Yes! I am teaching you to respect my boundaries

Yes! I am respecting my own boundaries

Yes! I am managing my time to achieve my goals

By moving away from things that are draining you you are raising your vibrations.  You are allowing yourself to become happier and magnetically powerful.  A woman who is happy and radiating positive energy is more valuable to those around her.  She radiates positivity and as we know the Law of Attraction works with her to manifest her dreams. It is a win win situation.

Its turned into a bit of a cliche of modern times:

If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after anybody else

But …….. It’s true.

Doing things for others is fabulous when it fills you with loving powerful joy.  But if you are neglecting yourself and depleting your energies in order to fulfill other people’s needs then the positive  is neutralised.

Self care is paramount.  What do you need to say no to today so that you can fill your life with yes?

I’m going to have a little think about this today in my own life and see where I need to say no.

Happy manifesting