Simple Pleasure of the Week: Getting dressed and undressed for the day!


This week’s Simple Pleasure is not mine.  It belongs to a friend but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it here.  My friend wrote:

I’ve been thinking about something I enjoy and that’s the daily ritual of getting ready in the morning for the day, and the “dismantling” myself at the end of the day! Everything from getting dressed,putting on perfume and choosing earrings, to putting my clothes in the laundry at bedtime! Simple things I know, but lately I’ve become aware of how much I enjoy them!

It makes me so happy to see this because it highlights so many important things and just something about the way she wrote this just evoked a feeling of peace and pleasure at the same time.

Appreciating the Day to Day
This moment is what we have.  Today is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.  So how fulfilling is it to be able to appreciate everyday moments!  And here my friend comes to the realisation that this  daily ritual is something that she really enjoys.  This kind of awareness increases our awareness of pleasure and this increases our daily sense of happiness.  Oooooo! I feel quite excited!

Focusing in the moment – a mindful ritual
Talk of mindfulness is everywhere right now and my friend made me think about it again.  Here is an example of an everyday thing, getting ready for the day and for the end of the day,  that we can focus on and enjoy.  Being mindful as we go about our business brings serenity and focus.

Making the Day to Day more enjoyable
When I read this it made me think that  I don’t actually enjoy these rituals. I rush and am not focused on what I’m doing.  Rushing to get ready and rushing to get to bed.  I thought about what a shame this is.  Doing these things is a part of every day.  Why not make them into pleasurable experiences?

It made me think even more closely about actively  ‘creating’ everyday pleasure and happiness.  I began to ask myself questions about how I could do this.  The answers to these questions will be the focus of another blog post.

For now I ask you…..

What parts of your everyday bring your pleasure and happiness?



Simple Pleasure of the Week! 


Good morning! This weeks best Simple Pleasure has to be the beautiful autumn leaves I came across. Wow! Seeing and being around beautiful things really excites and inspires me. And it’s everywhere once you really take a good look. 

 It’s also a reminder to get more of that beautiful visual stuff in my life to create greater happiness. 
How about you? What was your best simple pleasure this week?

This Week’s Simple Pleasure


This weeks Simple Pleasure has to be the churros that we cooked.  A sensation of the taste buds this week. Enjoying and focusing on the everyday things we do, have and see is a fantastic way to increase your happiness today.

How can something so yummy only have three basic ingredients in it: flour, water and salt?  Churros is a Spanish breakfast food.  I suppose its like fried batter.  We had them dipped in sugar but another traditional way of having them is dunked in thick hot chocolate.

Satisfying Your Needs
This simple pleasure was even better for me because it satisfied quite a few of my likes and needs:

  • Sharing – we all contributed to the making of the churros.  Doing things as a family means a lot to me.  More so now that the children have nearly all left home.
  • Preparing and making the churros was something new that none of us had made at home.  That counts as another huge, gigantic pleasure for me – learning!
  • Creating – I love making things.  Creating something cool out of almost nothing really does it for me.

Asking yourself why
When you find a simple pleasure – ask yourself:

Why do I like that so much?

It really helps you to get to know yourself, your likes and dislikes, your needs and from there you can learn to choose to have more pleasure in your life.

I always wondered why churros had not taken off more in this country! Have you ever had churros?

What everyday thing will you do today that brings you enjoyment? What will be your Simple Pleasure?

Simple Pleasure of the Week

Sheep in the field

Today’s Simple Pleasure of the Week is the beautiful photograph above. My partner took it on his way to work and it just makes me happy looking at it.  Its something about the light I think.

Nature makes us happy
Studies show that being in nature and even just looking at photographs of it can improve our well being.  Check out this interesting technique for a relaxing and invigorating break: The Green Break

How could you enjoy nature more? 
I love walking around the local area and taking photographs of people’s flowers (sure that’s not illegal though perhaps a little odd!) and we started growing our own fruit and veg this year!

My daughter admired a lady’s garden the other day and she came home with a handful of cuttings that the woman had kindly given to her.

Looking at beautiful things
Studies also show that having beautiful things to look at improves our state of mind.  For visual people this is even more important.  What do you enjoy looking at?  How can you get more visual pleasure in your life?

Noticing what’s around us
The more we notice the great things we already have around us the happier we can be today, right now, no matter what our circumstances.

What’s your Simple Pleasure today?


Today’s Simple Pleasure: Peanut Butter Sandwich

peanut butter sandwiches

Peanut butter is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it.  Well I love it.  it makes a quick tasty and healthy sandwich which is ideal when I’m driving around working long hours with no chance to eat properly.  Soft squidgy buttered bread and the crunchy peanut butter. Yum!

That’s another Simple Pleasure – textured food.  Look – there are even poppy seeds in the bread.  I like surprises in my mouth.  My sister hates them.  We always laugh about this.  I love fruit and fibre cereal and all the different ‘bits’ you get in it.

Eating is something we do every day, we may as well get the maximum fun out of it.  I used to have an awful relationship with food.  I spent years dieting and hating my body.  I lost countless stones over the years but I was never happy with who I was and I never ate the things I liked. Not any more.

Now I eat anything I want but only when I’m hungry and I appreciate and enjoy my body.  If you want help with this idea check out Beyond Chocolate.

Fill your day with Simple Pleasures.  Or just notice the goodness in the things you already do.

What’s your Simple Pleasure today?

Simple Pleasure: An Act of Coffee Kindness

costa coffee cup

Yesterday’s simple pleasure was that a very kind lady bought a coffee for me.  The card machine at Costa was not working and Antonia, the lady in front of me in the queue, offered to buy my coffee.  I accepted.  I was very pleased and so was she.

How is this simple act of kindness important in the Law of Attraction?

  • When you are kind you are spreading positivity.  The receiver’s day is made better.
  • When you are kind you make yourself feel good.  Your day is made better.

Kind acts require two participants.  The giver and the receiver.  Both benefit and both raise their energetic vibrations. Its easy.  But is is always easy?

Recently on Facebook a friend posted to say that she wanted to participate in a Random Acts of Kindness group.  In her post she invited people to ‘sign in’ and said that the first five people to do so would get a gift from her during the year and that in turn they too must post on the pages their intention to do the same for others.

I thought this was great fun but was then surprised when only one person signed up.  Nobody else wanted to participate in what I thought was a fun activity of giving and receiving.

Giving and receiving is part of ALLOWING and in the Law of Attraction this is very important.

Was it too public, too formal, too embarrassing?

I have yet to give the young man a gift but I’m looking forward to doing it.  I wonder what I will receive too and when it will arrive.



Why Notice Simple Pleasures?

eating an elephantNoticing simple pleasures enhances our appreciation of the life we have.  Not the life we might want to have but just our current existence.

“But what’s so great about that?” I hear you ask, “when I want soooo much more from my life?’

Question: How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time.

It’s something lots of us have heard before but sometimes its worth remembering that little by little most things can and do change.  Noticing simple pleasures enables tiny (sometimes big, sometimes huge) shifts in our energy towards more positives states of mind. And positive states of mind are not only enjoyable in themselves but they create shifts in those around us.  And those positive states are the pure energy that activates the Law of Attraction.

I started noting down my simple pleasures on Facebook a few weeks ago and now lots of people have followed suit and are recording theirs.  Why? Because it makes them feel good, makes them appreciate what they have, what’s around them.  And that makes us all feel good. And that’s a start.

But it’s not just a start is it?  Feeling good about little things everyday is a pleasure in itself.  Enjoy the elephant.