Learning: 5 Tips to Get Happy Today

What can you learn today?

When I feel bored or stuck in some way learning something new is the thing that best helps me to shift that negative feeling.  Learning excites me.  It always has.  That’s one of the reasons that I loved school so much and why research appealed to me as a career and why I’m passionate about working with people – because there is always something to learn.  What’s great is that it’s a resource that is never ending.  It is truly endless.

Its normal for us humans to stick to what we know. It feels safer sometimes.  But safe does not equate to growth, to finding more fulfilling ways to do things, to expanding our horizons, to creating greater happiness. And it does not have to be hard to learn new things – quite the opposite it true.

5 easy and simple things you could learn about today that would  increase your happiness quotient

  1. Learn about you
    Getting to know yourself is one of the biggest happiness tools that there are.  We are on a continuous journey and we are evolving.  What makes you happy right now? Here is a happiness questionnaire for you.  It should help focus your mind on the things you love and why you love them.   The purpose of this? So that you can concentrate on doing more of them and appreciating them in the now!
  2. Learn about a famous person
    Is there someone you have always admired from afar but don’t really know why?  Just spend a few minutes today doing a little research about them.  Wikipedia them.  Its good to have role models and heroins.  People who inspire us. Who are yours?
  3. Learn about your local area
    How much do you know and appreciate  the area in which you live?  Are there places you would like to visit but have never got round to?  Do a little bit of research and plan a trip to someone in your local area. Sometimes we forget the resources we have around us. Learning about places can inspire us to branch out.
  4. Learn about a hobby
    Is there a hobby that you have always wanted to have a go at but never really looked into it that deeply?  Sometimes learning a little can spur you into a really motivated frame of mind, where instead of thinking and wondering, you take action and try things out. Spend a few minutes today looking into that hobby.  What would be involved? Are there classes in your local area? Could you join a local group? Can you find inspiring blog posts on that hobby?  I love dancing and I’ve been known to learn hip-hop moves off Youtube whilst preparing the evening meal!
  5. Learn a practical skill
    Is there something that you have always meant to learn that would be really easy but you have never got round to?  A cooking technique perhaps, how to tie a particular knot, how to grow tomatoes.  The list could be endless.  Learning practical skills can make life so much easier.  I remember when I first learnt to wire a plug – it was an amazing revelation to me.  So easy and yet so useful.  Now I use Youtube all the time when I need to learn a practical skill.  You can guarantee that whatever you need to learn you will find someone there that has had the desire to show the world how to do it. Easy.

I’m going to learn how to make Sticky Toffee Pudding as the only puddings I ever seem to make are Apple Crumble and Apple Tart!

What could you learn today that would make your life happier and easier?


You CAN Start Now


It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting everything to be perfect and ‘ready’ before you take action.  But it does not have to be.  Any action will get you and the Law of Attraction wheels in motion.  Any action.

Action! Even imperfect action.
Thinking, feeling and then action.  They are the steps used to harness the Law of Attraction.  Thinking and feeling are mighty, mighty powerful but completing the trio with action is what really gets the flow of energy moving you, towards what you really want and need, and moving what you really want and need towards you.

But that feeling that you have to be in the right mood, have the right tools and generally have or be more than you are right now can make everything just stand still.

Start your merry-go-round
Like a huge, dusty, old merry-go-round just sat there still.  Lights off.  Motionless.  A thing of beauty and full of potential for fun but lack of movement makes it just a shadow of itself.  The children in the village all want it to start.  They want to ride on the horses, to have fun, to giggle, to listen to the music, to see the lights in the dark.  The merry-go-round works but the owner wants to wait: till it’s polished, till the engine has been tuned, till the weather is better, till all the horses have been painted.  The children in the village wait.  Year pass and they grow up.  The merry-go-round never starts.

Don’t Wait till the time feels right
Waiting, waiting, waiting.  We can wait whole lifetimes for things to feel right.  We are human with human feelings. its normal to feel nervous, intimidated and unsure sometimes.  But if we never give even a little push then we can stay stuck in that zone of inaction.  And there lies:

  • frustration – stuck crappy energy
  • inertia – stuck, depleting, crappy energy
  • anger – self-destroying crappy energy

Inaction is FEAR – Don’t be its slave
Inaction is normally fear based.  Fear is a normal human response to the unknown.  It’s a self-protection mechanism.  But should we be its slave?

5 tips to kick fear in the face!

Tip 1
YOU ARE ENOUGH and I really mean that!  Now I just want you to believe it.

Repeat after me and if you can, shout this out loud until you begin to feel it in your bones!

  • who I am is enough!
  • what I can do right now is enough!
  • what I can contribute right now is enough!

Tip 2
Ask your self …… What’s the very worst that can happen if I take action on this today?

Tip 3
What would be good about taking action on this today?

Tip 4
Have a debate/argument/conversation with your fear.

  • Ask it “what is the problem? Why are you stopping me from taking action now?”
  • Listen to the answers
  • Talk back to Fear with different voices – with kindness, with love, with compassion but also with strength, conviction and even anger if you have it inside you.  Get into the role of ‘fear slayer!’

Tip 5
Use EFT to blast fear away.  This technique is simple and easy to use and works by interrupting patterns embedded in your energy systems.  Check out the many Youtube videos on eft.  I will be making one soon so watch this space.

Imagine how you will feel when you start to take action.  Energy is released!

  • relief
  • joy
  • power

Strong powerful emotions and then the circle is complete.  Thoughts – feelings – action

Just remember:

Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can

Whatever you do is enough.

Let me know if you take action despite the circumstances not ‘feeling’ perfect.

Blessings! x


Happiness Tool: Writing it Out in Words

The Joy of Journalling

Photo by Rene de Cock


Writing things down is a well known tool for getting your thoughts and feelings onto paper and out of your head.  From the angst filled jottings of teenage diaries to the journals of famous inventors and artists, society has much evidence of the importance and usefulness of expressing yourself through the written word.  In terms of the Law of Attraction and your journey to greater happiness it’s a mighty tool for increasing positivity and ramping up your happy juice.

This week I would like to recommend an amazing on-line tool that can help you to journal privately (or publicly) in a friendly and supportive environment.

This is a simple on-line site that is designed for you to write 750 words every day.  That’s it. You can write more if you wish but the minimum number of words to stop at is 750.

The 750 words  website was inspired by a technique called The Morning Pages found in the book The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self. The author Julia Cameron,  explains that writing three pages of longhand everyday, without censorship and without stopping, increases creativity and allows you to find your inner and creative self.  And this in itself is one of the best ways to be happy.  The book and, in particular, this technique, took the creative world by storm because people found that it worked.  If you are interested, here is an Ali Brown podcast featuring the author.

Some people prefer to journal in the traditional way with pen and paper and I must admit this is how I’ve always done it.  But this month I decided to trial the 750 words site and have been using it very happily for 12 days so far.

Interesting Feedback
On the site, when you have completed your writing, you get data feedback.  You track how many words you write and how long it took you.  Additionally, they have incorporated an interesting feature which analyses your words in terms of content, perspective and emotion.  Very illuminating! Here is a screen-shot of my writing today.

750 words data

All your work is confidential and you get awarded badges for different milestones.  For example, the number of consecutive days you have written for, your typing speed and if you write your 750 words without interruption.

The first 30 days are free and then there is a charge of $5 per month.

How to apply the Law of Attraction when you are writing

  1. Releasing negativity: Writing out your emotions is very beneficial particularly if you want your thoughts to be private and don’t want to talk things over with friends, family or professionals.  Note: I do not mean by this that dwelling and staying stuck in negative emotions is beneficial but that touching on them, in order to release them, is.

Hiding or trying to ignore problems creates a huge blockage to happiness.  It creates an energetic tension boulder which prevents what you really want coming your way.  It blocks you and it blocks the universal forces from creating positive action.

  1. Create your own reality: Exploring and writing out your hearts desires is powerful.  Thinking about what you want and need is important but there is something about writing it down that just increases the power of our emotions and it’s emotion that drives us and the Law of Attraction to create what we want and need.

There it is in black and white, written down.  Statements of power and intent.  The process of writing increases your emotion and your resolve to create a happier life for yourself.

Explore, explore, explore!
Those 750 words are there for you to use as you wish.  If you want to increase your manifesting powers then write with that intent. It really helps when you are learning how to apply the Law of Attraction.  As you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to happen today?
  • Who am I? What drives me, what makes me happy?
  • What do I want? What are my needs now?
  • What are my aspirations, for myself, my family, my community?
  • Where am I happy now?  How can I get more of this?

Remember one of the best ways to be happy is to really dig deep into who you really are and what you really want!

I would love to hear your experiences of journalling and diary writing. Please comment if you are moved to.

Update  03/11/15:  I now use this tool as part of my Happiness Creation Day Package to help people explore their desires.

This blog has been inspired by Day 9 of Natalie Sisson’s 15 Days to Freedom blog challenge.  Thank you Natalie!

Plan for Happiness

Plan the year

Having things to look forward to increases your happiness quotient.  Fact.  In Day 8 of Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge she suggests that we plan out the rest of business year starting with our own personal goals.  This post has been inspired by her challenge.

Our thoughts power our emotions and having things to look forward to can provide an anticipatory boost of happiness hormones.  We think about the upcoming plans and we feel good.  I like this.

When you think about the next few weeks and months, are there things in your calendar that you are looking forward to?   Going with the flow is fabulous if you feel satisfied and energised by your life.  But what if you don’t and you just drift along?

For most people planning fabulous things into their future provides a real boost of happiness and even a sense of control. Yes, life does just happen whether you plan or not. But do you want it to happen in a way that suits you best?

Strong positive emotions, which include being excited about upcoming things, increases your manifesting powers. You feel good, you are focused on good things and more good things start to head your way.

What things could you plan in that would enable you to do more of what you love?

Here are some ideas:

Time out

  • a holiday
  • time off work – just to do things for you

Friends and family
Studies show that good relationships increase our happiness quotient more than anything else.  It can be easy to let things slip in this department. Laughing and sharing good times is a huge boost to happiness.

  • book to see your favourite peeps and catch up over coffee or drinks
  • arrange to have people over for dinner
  • organise a party
  • create an event that you can all go to – walking, dancing, bowling

Love Relationships
Keeping strong bonds of love and caring in a long term relationships brings oodles of rewards. Creating special memories and doing things together increases the strength of these bonds. Making time for this can require some planning.

  • Organise date nights.  Its a bit cliché but it works for lots of people. Especially if you have children.  Opportunities for spontaneity can be sparse.  These times have to be planned ahead.
  • Doing things together.  Plan to do things together. You can share a life and home with someone but end up spending very little time actually doing things together as a unit.

Special Events
Special events get a special mention today because there are so many things in the calendar that could really be celebrated more.  My parents are Spanish and it shocks me how many celebrations there are in Spain and how few there are in the UK.

I’ve recently read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Its well worth a read. It charts her own personal journey to greater happiness during the course of one year. In the book she talks about creating memories for herself and her family.  She focuses on creating regular events and making them really fun and memorable. For example she sets up great tricks for her children on April Fool’s day.  This included freezing a bowl of cereal and presenting it to her children for breakfast. That really made me laugh.

Here are some events that you could plan to enjoy and make more of and enjoy planning and looking forward to things with your own clan:

Valentine’s Day
Create your own ‘day’
End of term
Beginning of term
Start of a new job

Happy happiness planning to you! Share if you have any up and coming plans that you know will increase your happiness quotient.

Love and a hug

Ali x


Create Your Dreams with a Vision Board

Getting juicy and excited about your dreams is the best way to motivate yourself into action.  It’s also the key to unlocking the forces that move the Law of Attraction to help you.  And creating a Vision Board is one sexy way to really get into the zone and find greater happiness.  I’m creating a Vision Board Workshop in January so if you are interested in that you can go straight to the bottom of the post.

What is a Vision Board?
A vision board is a visual representation of what it is that you want.  Literally you can choose any area of your life or you can just have one big fat vision board to represent your life as a whole.

What is it for?
A vision board becomes a visual representation of your dreams, desires and goals.  The idea is that you put it in a place where you can see it as often as you need to.  It is designed to inspire you and to remind you of who you are and where you want to go.  Because it’s created with love and passion and real intent whenever you look at it you draw on that energy to propel you forward.  It’s a symbol – your personal symbol.  Symbols have been used throughout time to represent desire and intent.

Ideas for Vision Boards
Vision boards can be very general or very specific.  What ever your needs are at the time.

  • life goals
  • business goals
  • feeling inspired goals – freedom, happiness, relaxation
  • travel goals
  • health goals
  • financial goals
  • family goals
  • relationship goals
  • wonderful you goals

Why are Vision Boards so powerful?
Apart from becoming your personal inspiration they are also a symbol of intent.  The love and passion and juicy feelings used in creating them is a powerful signal to the Universe: “This is what I want. Please help me to get the ball rolling.”  Its a direct order for the Law of Attraction to start doing its thing.

How do you create a vision board?
Vision boards can be made either electronically or with real materials.  I’ve done both but really get immense pleasure from working with real hands on materials.

Making a Vision Board – what do you need?

  1. A board/card/piece of paper – this can be as small or large as you want.  The idea is that when you have completed it you can have it somewhere where you can see it so that it inspires you regularly.  I like to use A4 or A3 size boards depending on what they are for.  Some people make tiny ones that they can carry around in their bags or purses.
  2. Lots of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, computer printouts, even photographs – any materials that have words and pictures to provide you with inspiration.
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Pens, colours – pencils, pens.  You might want to write or draw on your boards
  6. Optional Extras – some people like to jazz it up.  Glitter, paints, bits of fabric, feathers – whatever floats your boat and has meaning for you.

That’s it!

And if it sounds a bit Blue Peter or kindergarteny, that’s because it is.  You will literally be cutting, sticking and pasting.  To me that’s heaven (I’ve been scrapbooking for years and its a hobby I adore) but if the idea does not fill you with joy I implore you to give it a go – just once.  And if you need a stronger motivation to make a start there are groups and courses where people do their vision boards together.

I am running a Vision Board Workshop in January – if you are interested just drop me a line using the form below.

Building Your Vision Board

  1. You go through the magazines and other materials that you have and cut out things that inspire you or call out to you.  Make a pile.
  2. Be open-minded – sometimes you are surprised by what you pick.  Just go with it. You can reject or reselect later.
  3. When you feel satisfied that you have enough materials you can begin.
  4. Start selecting images, words, quotations, colours – anything – that inspires you and begin to build your picture. It’s about exploring yourself and your desires and needs. And …… it can be a very moving and surprising experience.  There is something about visual things that reach a part of us that we sometimes cannot pull out just with words or even thoughts and feelings.

And there you have it.  That’s all there is too it.  Simple but very powerful.

Once completed what you have is a blueprint for your dreams.  An inspirational starting point from which to launch your visions and passions.

Electronic Vision Boards
For those of you who prefer not to physically cut and paste you can use Pinterest.  This is a fascinating site where you can create a virtual pin board and put all your inspiring  photos and images in there.

Please share your vision boards with me if you feel called to do so. I would love to see them and share them here if that would work for you.

Would you like to come to my Vision Board Workshop?
Because I love vision boards so much I’m going to put together a workshop in the new year: a great time for new beginnings. If you would be interested in attending please let me know in the form below.

Vision Board Workshop Details
When? Monday 8th January 2016
What time? 10:30am – 1:00pm
Where? Exactly where is still to be arranged but it will be in the Southampton area, uk
How much? £30
What is provided? Refreshments, boards, plenty of magazines and newspapers

This post was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge.  On day 6 she asks people to look at what business model they want for their business.  Clarity.  It’s so important.  If you don’t know what you want its hard to focus, hard to make plans.  For me vision boards a are great way to get started, to get into that dreaming zone and unearth your passions.  Then and only then can you set your path and make clear goals and plans.

Target the Law of Attraction with the Power of Focus


This blog post has been inspired by Natalie Sisson’s 15 day 7 blog challenge where she asks us to choose one main thing to focus on for the rest of the year.  In relation to the Law of Attraction and happiness, the more powerful your focus the more powerful your results.

5 Reasons Why is Focus Important

  1. Clarity of mind.  Things are easier when you are focused.  Fewer decisions. Easier decisions.
  2. Focus allows us to become really familiar and at home with the task at hand. This makes us feel comfortable and able.
  3. You become really good at what you are focusing on because your not being distracted by other things. This is very satisfying.
  4. Focus sends a strong and direct message to the Universe: “This is what I’m doing, this is what I want, this is what’s important.” Powerful messages of intent and action draw more of what we want and need towards us.
  5. Powerful results! When you focus on one main goal without other distractions you gain powerful results.

What’s your focus?
Choose your focus for the rest of the year.

Some questions that will help you choose:

  • What do I really enjoy that I want to do more of?
  • What one thing could I focus on that would really improve my life right now?
  • What one thing could I focus on that would help improve the lives of others right now?
  • What is really bugging the hell out of me, that I could well do without?
  • What change could I make that would increase my happiness this year?

Mine is procrastination!  I’m studying it and planning to conquer it – one step and a time!  I’m enjoying all the learning that I’m doing, putting simple systems in place to help and then looking forward to sharing everything I learn about.


How to Stop Distractions Getting in the Way

Do you have a project that you really want to work on that would make a big difference in your life, a hobby that would bring you a great deal of joy but you just never seem to get round to it because of the distractions in your life?

In Day 4 of Natalie Sisson’s blogging challenge, Natalie talks about the distraction of online things – checking email, Facebook, Youtube and that habit we are all partial too – pleasurably following links to goodness-knows-where land.  She discusses how these things distract us from the things that we really want to do, things that will benefit us in the longer run.

My main distractions are:

  • My own mind
  • Working from the family home

I get distracted by ideas and feelings and constant thoughts of what I should be doing (and not really doing them either).  I go off at tangents.  Sitting down at my laptop and focusing can seem like a great ordeal even though I love writing and blogging.

Working from the busy family home is a tricky one.  There’s lots to do and lots of people to be with.  I love spending time with my partner and family, just relaxing.  But then …. I get frustrated because I set myself the goal of doing a little work on here and then …. I just don’t do it.

Science of happiness
The science of happiness suggests that working on big projects and ideas that stretch us, even though they may be a challenge at times, really does reap great rewards.  Challenging ourselves, learning and working towards something ‘big’ really does up our happiness quotient.  In other words, its worth the effort.  Its worth pushing yourself out of the comfort zone of everyday life.

My solution
Nothing works better for me that taking myself off to a coffee shop.  For over a year now Costa is my favourite.  Even if its noisy I can work for hours.  You see, its not ‘my’ noise.  Its like white noise, it just blends into the background.  I find it soothing and relaxing working in coffee shops.

Once I’m installed in my favourite spot my mind chatter stops and I can just get on.  I’m captive there – no ironing, no ‘things to do’ list.

When I want a break, I can just stop and people-watch.  I’ve actually met a few really interesting people too.  And reunited with a really old friend.  We’d been estranged for years (a great loss to us both) and now we are back in touch.

How to get going
One of the important things that helps to motivate us is to focus on why we want to do what we want to do.

Get into the heart of why
What are the benefits of you forging ahead with your project, hobby, idea?  Make a list, think about it.  This focuses your mind.  It helps you give it the importance it deserves. Get juicy with it.  These are you motivations and motivations can be made stronger when you attach emotion to them.

What are your distractions?
Family, children, other things to do, watching TV, social media, working lots of hours?  There are so many possibilities.  We all have distractions. Identify what is stopping you.

What are ways round it?
Once you start to give it some focused thought lots of ideas will spring to mind.  Here are some suggestions:

  • ask for help
  • get a baby sitter
  • get up a bit earlier
  • go to bed a bit later
  • set a timer
  • put a do not disturb sign on the door
  • can you change your work schedule?
  • go to a coffee shop
  • get together with friends to do your activity – you can keep each other in check then
  • get an accountability partner
  • for social media – watch Natalie’s video to get ideas on how to block out interruptions on your computer
  • talk straight to family and friends
  • don’t answer the phone or door

Start small
If you are not used to taking time for you and your needs you could start very small.  Just take a little time each day, or week to work on your project.  If you have a family this will probably be useful for them too.  They will get used to you being focused on your needs in small stages.

That’s it for now folks!