My Law of Attraction Story

I don’t remember exactly when I heard about the Law of Attraction for the first time but it made a dramatic impact on me straight away.

Advice for newbies to the Law of Attraction is to start with something small. So that’s what I did.

Easy Parking

I started with car parking spaces at my local supermarket, Asda. I set my intention: I want a parking space that is just outside the shop. Off I set and there is was. It made me laugh but of course the skeptic in me thought – Oh it’s just a fluke. But I kept on doing it and 9 times out of 10, I got the space I wanted. Now I’ve honed it down to two or three particular spots! It sounds crazy but it’s true.

Over the years I’ve played around with this just for fun. When I wanted to get more physical activity in my life in an easy and natural way I set this funny intention: I don’t want a parking space close to the shop, I want one as far away as possible so that I have to walk a little further. And surely enough my usual spaces just weren’t free anymore!

Tartare Sauce

Once my Law of Attraction juices started flowing funny things started to happen. One Friday I set off for the fish and chip shop thinking ‘Oooo I’d really like some Tartare Sauce with my scampi but I really can’t be bothered to go to the shop just for that.’ When I returned home and opened the delisciously smelling food, what do you think I found? A sachet of tartare sauce. Now I have been going to this chippie for years and never, ever have they put any sachets into our parcels. Never. Oh boy did I smile that day. I couldn’t believe it.

Manifesting more tartare sauce

Coincidence you might say. Well, it’s a possiblity. But then this happened. On that Sunday my ex-husband came to see the children. As he left he turned round and said, ‘Oh Ali, I almost forgot. I’ve got something for you.’
He went to the car and came back with …. you guessed it – a jar of tartare sauce. There had been a buy one get one free offer at the supermarket and he had thought of me.

That was it then

Yes. Somethng small. Tartare sauce. Lol! But it was perfect as it was just what I wanted. That was it then ….. I knew that if I could manifest something as random as tartare sauce then I could manifest anything.

Not about positive thinking

Many skeptics say that any so called results from working with the Law of Attraction are just the placebo effects of positive thinking. I think no manner of positive thinking can manifest tartare sauce out of thin air without any mention of it from me to anyone!

I started to manifest things left, right and centre. It was fabulous and sometimes a bit scary. I knew that all of the things that were happening to me could not all be coincidence but it was hard to reconcile with that science part of me.

I became a crazy fan and Law of Attraction participant. I read everything that I could, I practised setting intentions and seeing what happened. I did workshops and enrolled in the Law of Attraction Training Centre (fabulous).

Becoming a Law of Attraction Coach

At that time I had my own business, Be Clutter Free and I started to teach people the principles of the Law of Attraction to help them get clear on how they wanted their homes to be.

Stumbling Blocks

What then happened is that the deeper and more important my goals became the harder I found it to manifest. Oooooo – this was hard. I felt so disappointed and a real failure. I was disillusioned and for a while I abandoned my good friend the Law of Attraction. There were many stumbling blocks and I didn’t really understand why. After revisiting the Law of Attraction I came to understand that the difficulties took two forms:

1) Really knowing your needs and desires

It took me some time but I finally realised that until you tune into exactly what makes your heart and soul sing then all your manifesting efforts are really quite pointless. You will have rewards but they will be half hearted. I was desiring but not from my heart centre. My goals were too vague and there was not enough real desire behind them. I wasn’t in tune enough with myself to know exactly what it was I did want.

2) Block, blocks, blocks

Yes, many blocks. Bloquety, bloquety block. And what a pain they are. They stop the Law of Attraction dead in its tracks. They are poo (sorry – lol!) Blocks are the thoughts and feelings that hinder us from progress. The gremlins. The bad angel on your shoulder. The little voice that says things like:

  • Your not good enough!
  • You can’t do that!
  • Is that what you REALLY want?
  • That goal is way to big for YOU!
  • You look horrible today
  • You don’t have the time
  • Who do you think you are?
  • You don’t have the skills

Working towards positive, radiantly energetic and juicy goals gets you 50% of the way there and then … boom …. a block.

Where am I now?

I am very in tune with myself. I have huge amounts of fun and I honour myself. Of course, like everyone, I am always evolving so regular checking in with myself is essential and of course a learning experience!

And the blocks? Now that I know about these dam critters I work on them. They are a natural part of being human and up they pop whenever they choose. But now I know that there are things I can do about them. Clearing blocks is about doing what works for you. I would throw everything at it and see what feels best for you.

Above all, for me, working with the Law of Attraction is fun, energizing and rewarding.. A journey of fulfillment, learning and getting the things I need and want. Surprises at every turn. Sometimes its a roller coaster of activity, other times its more gentle. I guess that’s what I am like too. And as with all things Law of Attraction: you get what you radiate.

Helping Others Be Happy

Sooooo, here I am. Because I feel good, I want other people to as well. That’s how I roll! I’ve always liked to share and pass on things that help and empower. Lol! Teaching women to be happier by exploring exactly who they are and what makes them zing with pleasure and laughter because that is the place from which miracles happen!

So, that is the basic framework of my journey with the Law of Attraction so far. What about you? Let me know where you are. I love finding out about what you enjoy AND need so that i can tailor my offerings to you


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