Quick Technique to Relax and Replenish: The Green Break

Forest trees

This is technique that I learnt about recently that really helps you to have a proper break when you don’t have a lot of time.

A Green Break: Simple but effective

  1. Stand facing something green (this can be outside, just looking out of a window, at a plant in your home or office, even at a picture of something green and naturey)
  2. Focus on the greenery
  3. Breath in slowly
  4. Breathe out slowly
  5. As you breath in again raise your arms in the air and then down
  6. Move your head from side to side slowly, then down towards your chest. Relax for a moment here and relax.
  7. Drink a glass of water
  8. Still standing rock from side to side gently. Sway for just a moment.
  9. You are ready to carry on with your day

This technique was adapted from the marvelous book: ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organise Your Life.

Studies show that being in or around nature, and even looking at pictures of nature,  releases endorphins which contribute to a positive mindset.

Let me know how you get on!

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Learning: 5 Tips to Get Happy Today

What can you learn today?

When I feel bored or stuck in some way learning something new is the thing that best helps me to shift that negative feeling.  Learning excites me.  It always has.  That’s one of the reasons that I loved school so much and why research appealed to me as a career and why I’m passionate about working with people – because there is always something to learn.  What’s great is that it’s a resource that is never ending.  It is truly endless.

Its normal for us humans to stick to what we know. It feels safer sometimes.  But safe does not equate to growth, to finding more fulfilling ways to do things, to expanding our horizons, to creating greater happiness. And it does not have to be hard to learn new things – quite the opposite it true.

5 easy and simple things you could learn about today that would  increase your happiness quotient

  1. Learn about you
    Getting to know yourself is one of the biggest happiness tools that there are.  We are on a continuous journey and we are evolving.  What makes you happy right now? Here is a happiness questionnaire for you.  It should help focus your mind on the things you love and why you love them.   The purpose of this? So that you can concentrate on doing more of them and appreciating them in the now!
  2. Learn about a famous person
    Is there someone you have always admired from afar but don’t really know why?  Just spend a few minutes today doing a little research about them.  Wikipedia them.  Its good to have role models and heroins.  People who inspire us. Who are yours?
  3. Learn about your local area
    How much do you know and appreciate  the area in which you live?  Are there places you would like to visit but have never got round to?  Do a little bit of research and plan a trip to someone in your local area. Sometimes we forget the resources we have around us. Learning about places can inspire us to branch out.
  4. Learn about a hobby
    Is there a hobby that you have always wanted to have a go at but never really looked into it that deeply?  Sometimes learning a little can spur you into a really motivated frame of mind, where instead of thinking and wondering, you take action and try things out. Spend a few minutes today looking into that hobby.  What would be involved? Are there classes in your local area? Could you join a local group? Can you find inspiring blog posts on that hobby?  I love dancing and I’ve been known to learn hip-hop moves off Youtube whilst preparing the evening meal!
  5. Learn a practical skill
    Is there something that you have always meant to learn that would be really easy but you have never got round to?  A cooking technique perhaps, how to tie a particular knot, how to grow tomatoes.  The list could be endless.  Learning practical skills can make life so much easier.  I remember when I first learnt to wire a plug – it was an amazing revelation to me.  So easy and yet so useful.  Now I use Youtube all the time when I need to learn a practical skill.  You can guarantee that whatever you need to learn you will find someone there that has had the desire to show the world how to do it. Easy.

I’m going to learn how to make Sticky Toffee Pudding as the only puddings I ever seem to make are Apple Crumble and Apple Tart!

What could you learn today that would make your life happier and easier?

Connect with Your Wow!


When was the last time you connected with your Wow!?

What is that? I hear you ask.

What is you Wow!?
Your Wow! times are those moments of when you are at the top of your game. When you have felt that you are standing on the top of the mountain of your life. At your happiest and most content.  When you know you are in the right place at the right time and everything just feels perfect.

How often are you in your Wow?
Those Wow! times should be the norm.  It’s about living your life in full harmony with who you really are. But for many of us this feeling is rare.  But does it have to be? Imagine being in your Wow! state more often.  How amazing would that be?

Exercise for connecting with your Wow!

  1. Create a small amount of thinking time for yourself.
  2. Be ready with pen and paper.  Create your heading: Wow! Times.  You will keep this list and keep adding to it over time.
  3. Relax in whichever way suits you best.
  4. Look back over your life at the defining happy moments.  The times/moments that you were at your happiest.  This could be defining moments when everything felt right.  Certain activities. Or even periods of time.  Happy times at work, school, in relationships.  Times when you felt totally yourself and in flow with the world.
  5. Focus on the feelings, on what exactly was good about those times.  What gave you those feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.
  6. Write down the events/times.  You will begin to build a picture of what really, really makes you happy, content and satisfied with life.  What do these moments/period of time have in common?  You will see themes begin to emerge.  Its fascinating (I was quite surprised at a couple of mine.  Things that I had forgotten that brought me so much joy and that I definitely have not done enough of.)

Using your Wow! discoveries
Your Wow! discoveries are one of the keys to creating greater happiness in your life right now.  When you look at the themes of your past joys and notice that some of these may be missing today you can refocus now and redirect.

Your Wow! list can serve as a reminder when you feel lacklustre and unsure as to where you are headed next.  Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How can I get more of these Wow! moments into my life?
  • What can I do today to move closer to the Wow! life I deserve?

Would you like to share one of your Wow! moments.  What is the essence of what was so good about it?



Gratitude to an Old Friend and Much Much More

The last few months have been really challenging at home and we all needed to get away.  As they always do with the Law of Attraction, things conspired to help us do just that in a way that was more perfect and magical than planned. Setting intentions, doing our best and then letting all the rest just happen in a way that was better than anticipated.

We ended up going to Brighton and then going on to Seaford to stay overnight with my marvellous kind and wise friend Trudy and her children.  And I’m so grateful to Trudy.  For offering us her home when we really needed a break, for listening to my endless rant (I had not talked that much in a long time – my throat was sore), for offering love, support and home.  I had not seen her in over 10 years but it felt like it had only been 5 minutes as is the way when old bonds are strong and deep.

There were lots of Simple Pleasures and things to be grateful for that weekend:

  • my eldest daughter came home to be with my youngest and make sure she was safe
  • listening to the sea from Trudy’s bedroom window
  • the chance to go down memory lane
  • sharing an adventure with the man I love
  • being able to see Brighton again in all its busy splendour
  • travelling through beautiful English towns and villages
  • seeing the Japanese rugby team taking a plunge in the freezing cold sea
  • being able to be near the sea again – seeing it, hearing and smelling it
  • seeing the most amazing stormy, dramatic sky that I have ever seen
  • getting caught in a heavy shower of rain
  • fish and chips opposite the sea front

Simple Pleasure of the Week: Getting dressed and undressed for the day!


This week’s Simple Pleasure is not mine.  It belongs to a friend but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it here.  My friend wrote:

I’ve been thinking about something I enjoy and that’s the daily ritual of getting ready in the morning for the day, and the “dismantling” myself at the end of the day! Everything from getting dressed,putting on perfume and choosing earrings, to putting my clothes in the laundry at bedtime! Simple things I know, but lately I’ve become aware of how much I enjoy them!

It makes me so happy to see this because it highlights so many important things and just something about the way she wrote this just evoked a feeling of peace and pleasure at the same time.

Appreciating the Day to Day
This moment is what we have.  Today is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.  So how fulfilling is it to be able to appreciate everyday moments!  And here my friend comes to the realisation that this  daily ritual is something that she really enjoys.  This kind of awareness increases our awareness of pleasure and this increases our daily sense of happiness.  Oooooo! I feel quite excited!

Focusing in the moment – a mindful ritual
Talk of mindfulness is everywhere right now and my friend made me think about it again.  Here is an example of an everyday thing, getting ready for the day and for the end of the day,  that we can focus on and enjoy.  Being mindful as we go about our business brings serenity and focus.

Making the Day to Day more enjoyable
When I read this it made me think that  I don’t actually enjoy these rituals. I rush and am not focused on what I’m doing.  Rushing to get ready and rushing to get to bed.  I thought about what a shame this is.  Doing these things is a part of every day.  Why not make them into pleasurable experiences?

It made me think even more closely about actively  ‘creating’ everyday pleasure and happiness.  I began to ask myself questions about how I could do this.  The answers to these questions will be the focus of another blog post.

For now I ask you…..

What parts of your everyday bring your pleasure and happiness?


You CAN Start Now


It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting everything to be perfect and ‘ready’ before you take action.  But it does not have to be.  Any action will get you and the Law of Attraction wheels in motion.  Any action.

Action! Even imperfect action.
Thinking, feeling and then action.  They are the steps used to harness the Law of Attraction.  Thinking and feeling are mighty, mighty powerful but completing the trio with action is what really gets the flow of energy moving you, towards what you really want and need, and moving what you really want and need towards you.

But that feeling that you have to be in the right mood, have the right tools and generally have or be more than you are right now can make everything just stand still.

Start your merry-go-round
Like a huge, dusty, old merry-go-round just sat there still.  Lights off.  Motionless.  A thing of beauty and full of potential for fun but lack of movement makes it just a shadow of itself.  The children in the village all want it to start.  They want to ride on the horses, to have fun, to giggle, to listen to the music, to see the lights in the dark.  The merry-go-round works but the owner wants to wait: till it’s polished, till the engine has been tuned, till the weather is better, till all the horses have been painted.  The children in the village wait.  Year pass and they grow up.  The merry-go-round never starts.

Don’t Wait till the time feels right
Waiting, waiting, waiting.  We can wait whole lifetimes for things to feel right.  We are human with human feelings. its normal to feel nervous, intimidated and unsure sometimes.  But if we never give even a little push then we can stay stuck in that zone of inaction.  And there lies:

  • frustration – stuck crappy energy
  • inertia – stuck, depleting, crappy energy
  • anger – self-destroying crappy energy

Inaction is FEAR – Don’t be its slave
Inaction is normally fear based.  Fear is a normal human response to the unknown.  It’s a self-protection mechanism.  But should we be its slave?

5 tips to kick fear in the face!

Tip 1
YOU ARE ENOUGH and I really mean that!  Now I just want you to believe it.

Repeat after me and if you can, shout this out loud until you begin to feel it in your bones!

  • who I am is enough!
  • what I can do right now is enough!
  • what I can contribute right now is enough!

Tip 2
Ask your self …… What’s the very worst that can happen if I take action on this today?

Tip 3
What would be good about taking action on this today?

Tip 4
Have a debate/argument/conversation with your fear.

  • Ask it “what is the problem? Why are you stopping me from taking action now?”
  • Listen to the answers
  • Talk back to Fear with different voices – with kindness, with love, with compassion but also with strength, conviction and even anger if you have it inside you.  Get into the role of ‘fear slayer!’

Tip 5
Use EFT to blast fear away.  This technique is simple and easy to use and works by interrupting patterns embedded in your energy systems.  Check out the many Youtube videos on eft.  I will be making one soon so watch this space.

Imagine how you will feel when you start to take action.  Energy is released!

  • relief
  • joy
  • power

Strong powerful emotions and then the circle is complete.  Thoughts – feelings – action

Just remember:

Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can

Whatever you do is enough.

Let me know if you take action despite the circumstances not ‘feeling’ perfect.

Blessings! x


Are you Fit for Giving?

tired woman

Women often put themselves last in an effort to make other’s lives easier.  Is it effective?  Often is isn’t.  When we are depleted then it becomes increasingly hard to help others.  We we try to make others happy perhaps and to fulfil their needs but what about ours?

Fulfilling your needs is a priority.  Not only does it make you personally happier but it also enables you to share of yourself in the way that those around you need.

Think about times you have felt emotionally, physically and spiritually full and well – it’s a feeling of great abundance.  A feeling that spills out to others.  You have more energy, more ‘ability’  and even desire to give, to share.

Think about times when you are exhausted and depleted.  What do you have to give?  And when you do give, is it with pleasure or with resentment.

The feelings and thoughts in these two scenarios are very different.

Giving and receiving: The Law of Attraction
When we give with joy and abundance the person who receives the help feels gooood.  They know you want to give to them, they know they are not taking anything from you because you are giving from a place of joy and abundance.  You are giving from a place where you feel good and able and willing.

We all know that feeling when someone does something for you but they don’t really want to, right?  It just does not feel the same.  Sometimes it can make us feel guilty or beholden.  We might have preferred not to have received the help in the first place.

The practical element is the same.  The giver gives and the recipient receives but the feelings are poles apart.  From a Law of Attraction point of view the energy exchange is are from harmonious.

Make time for you
If being there for other people is important for you then you need to make sure that your own well is full so that you have lots of abundant, happy energy left over for others.

A big part of this is ensuring you make time for yourself.  Making sure that in those times you are fulfilling your needs for the following:

  • rest and relaxation
  • doing things that you enjoy
  • doing things that fulfil your higher goals and missions

When was the last time you ‘gave’ with pure joy and abundance of spirit?  Are you struggling to help others because your well is running low?

If you struggle with finding natural time for you perhaps you could benefit from making it a habit.  Check out my free Happiness Habits Formula workbook.  It helps you design easy habits which assist you to live a happier life.

Much love

Ali x

This post was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge on Facebook.