Tips to be Happy Everyday: Mind Body and Soul

Mind, body and soul all need feeding for you to feel happy in your everyday life.  I often think that balance is the key to happiness and contentment.  Balance in all these areas perhaps helps us enjoy our day to day life more.  But balance is a funny thing.  When I write the word ‘balance,’ I think “Well what happened to passion?”  Passion can lead us to throw balance out of the window in order to pursue something very motivating.

Then I think, “that is a post for another day …..” so instead here is today’s post.  Sorry about that!

Keep mind, body and soul happy
Whist we are on the earthly plane we are made up of mind, body and soul and all of these work best when they are well nourished, well supported and in balance with each other.  When any one is compromised then the other two often struggle to keep well balanced.

People often ask me for tips to be happy everyday.  And I think that one of the best things to do is see how in any one day you are satisfying the needs of your mind body and soul.  All be it in simple ways and in ways that bring you many simple pleasures. Here are a few ideas for you to think about.



  • Are you learning new things?
  • Do you feel stimulated in life or are you bored?
  • Do you have powerful goals that keep you moving towards something that you really want?

Mind tips to be happy everyday

  1. Challenge yourself.  Stretch your mind by learning something new. If there is something you have always wanted to do but never got round to it, now could be the time to do it.
  2. Get yourself a juicy goal! Having things that we are building towards keeps our minds active.  Often these bigger goals create long term happiness and immense satisfaction.  They can be a challenge but the brain needs challenge.  New neurons can be created even as we age when we stretch ourselves and take on new challenges.
  3. Create newness and change in your life.  The brain atrophies when we are bored. Do you always do the same things? When that happens (lets face it routine does make things easier) we can become bored and listless.  What new little (or big) thing can you do in your day to day life? Change up your routines perhaps: sleep in a different room, take a new route to work, talk to different friends, try new foods or music genres, read different fiction, go to bed at a different time – the list is endless.  Create new simple pleasures that you enjoy everyday!


  • Are you eating foods that you love?
  • Does your body feel nourished?
  • Is it easy and fun for you to move your body?
  • Do you use your body in ways that make you happy?
  • Do you enjoy being in your body?

Body tips to be happy everyday

  1. Create body rituals that you really enjoy – a morning routine can be a good time to do this or at the end of the day when you might be more relaxed.  Soothing your body with cream, long luxurious baths or showers. There are lots of options.  Rituals are more than just routines.  Rituals have a more spiritual quality about them and a greater sense of pleasure and sensuousness about them.  Their focus is mindful and celebratory.  I am reminded of my friends pleasure in her daily dressing and undressing routine.
  2. Enjoy your food.  We eat everyday and our sense of taste brings so much pleasure so why not focus on making what we eat as pleasurable as possible. Buy lovely fresh food.  Cook what you enjoy eating and enjoy the process of feeding yourself and your family. There is so much joy in food but so many women have a pain/pleasure relationship with it. Balance disappears and what remains is angst and guilt.  It’s such a waste! (If you have issues with eating and your body image please take a look at this great resource – it helped me no end several years ago.)
  3. Feeling comfy in your body is such a pleasure.  Do you have aches and pains? Are you feeling stiff and out of condition.  Creating extra moments of movement in your life will make everyday so much happier and your longterm even more so.  What would you enjoy? Walking, yoga, dance, gardening, housework – it can be anything that brings you pleasure and helps you to enjoy your body more.


  • Do you feel emotionally connected to friends and family?
  • Are you in touch with your spiritual side?
  • What makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Soul tips to be happy everyday

  1. Meditation can help you to relax and connect to your soul’s desire.  Anything that has this effect on you can increase daily happiness. Praying, dancing, writing ……. Any activity which takes you out of your day to day and into a relaxed state will create great pleasure and tranquillity.
    Mindfullness.  This is a buzz word right now but its a useful technique.  Treating and observing with respect and non-judgment the everyday things that you do. It’s called being the ‘observing self.’  It helps when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.  It quietens the mind.
  2. Connect with others. Its the one biggest thing you can do to increase your everyday and long term happiness.  Connecting can seem like a chore sometimes when you get home late from work or have had a long, busy day but taking some time out of your day to talk or do things with others will enrich your day.
  3. Doing things that you enjoy will feed your soul.  Engaging in your favourite activities on a regular basis just increases your happiness.  Why wouldn’t it?  Its part of who you are!  Listening to music, doing a hobby, seeing friends, cooking – the list is endless.

Enjoy creating a balanced mind, body and soul in your day to day life.

Please share any ideas or things you have tried.

Warm wishes

Ali P  xx

This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sisson’s 15 day Blog Challenge.  Thank you Natalie!