What People Are Saying About Me

This is what people say about my coaching:

Alison offers gentle, persuasive and effective encouragement and guidance that has a way of seeping into your thinking, so that the new habits become second nature.’
Jane Malyohn www.nlp-in-business.co.uk

‘I suspect I may be the worst case Alison has ever come across! Alison is a lovely person, very calm and wise, and so inspiring! We tackled my kitchen and dining room together, and she was wonderful. And it was not at all stressful, just a huge relief. I have been able to carry on her good work, too, but I am hoping to have her back soon.’
Penny Pendlebury, Winchester

Alison has helped me deal with my clutter in sizeable, managable chunks, whilst gently helping me address the attitude and blockages that create the clutter in the first place. Her ongoing support has led to me analysing my approach to clutter, and helped me to free myself from the fear, anxiety and pressure my clutter was causing.
Her caring approach is always positive. She highlights achievements. Our sessions are enlightening frequently with ‘aha’ moments, and lift my spirits.
It is a bit like having my own personal fairy gently sprinkling her fairy dust over the things I have spent 30 years running away from, transforming them into positives.
Jacqueline Murray Tarot Reader

Coaching with Ali is enlightening. I giggle as I discover that I really can do what I want in life. I am surprised that I CAN achieve goals which I previously had dismissed as unachieveable. The time with Ali always rushes by but is sooo valuable.
Linda Hewett, Blog Writer and author of A Crayon up her Nose


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